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December 09 2010

Best TV Characters we never actually see. Phantom Dennis makes the cut.

Hmm, but we did get to see Dennis before he was murdered, didn't we ?

Did they ever show Niles' wife Maris (dunno if the spelling's correct) on Frasier ?

My vote: Peg Bundy's mother on Married with Children. Probably my first taste of the mother-in-law-from-hell trope as a kid.

Unless they eventually showed her. I rarely stick with sitcoms until conclusion (well, I don't watch 'em anymore, aside from The Office and anything on HBO & Showtime that could maybe be considered sitcoms, even if they're sans laugh track these days--it's jarring, I don't like it anymore. I wanna watch How I Met Your Mother eventually, but dread the laugh track).

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Indeed, Maris was never seen. After the writers had written such ridiculous lines about her, they decided that no reality could live up to the viewers' imaginations.
Dr. Kelso's gay son Harrison and Elliot's gay brother Barry from Scrubs always made for a funny reference. I always hoped we'd either see them or simply hear about them getting together.
Maris is my personal pick for favorite character we never saw. She managed to be funny, not only without being seen, but without even having any lines.
I'm really surprised Carlton from Rhoda ins't on this list! He is the best unseen character ever!
I was hoping to see Maris aswell that was odd. Loved the Big Bang Theory, Angel and Friends ones. What about Stanley Walker from Will & Grace. Maybe it doesn't count cause we saw his foot once.
whatever. Some good ones anyway.
@Kris, you should definitley watch How i met your mother, it's excellent, plus Alyson Hannigan is as good as ever!

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Off topic here kinda but I always hoped that someday Dennis would have come back to the show if it had continued further. Kinda broke my heart that Cordy was gone so they left Dennis on his own...
The mysterious Diane from Twin Peaks!
Just remembered we did kinda see Ugly naked Guy, in the episode where Ross applies for the apartment he goes over to talk to him. and we see him from behind. and we also saw his stomach in the one where they poked him, cause they thought he was dead.
But i guess we also saw Dennis so there's probably no need to read that deeply into it
The mysterious Diane from Twin Peaks!

exactly! how is she not on the list?
What about Tino from My So Called Life? He's got to rate as the coolest character we never meet.
We also see Dennis when he's pushing through the wall (played by David Boreanaz's then stand-in Danny Nero, the nice person who contributed all those on-set photos to "Firefly: Still Flying").
What about Dr. Kelso's wife on Scrubs? She went through so much in the show, even dying, and never was on screen except her legs one time.
Kris, the HIMYM laugh-track is easy enough to deal with. They fade it in and out when necessary, so its only there, hopefully, when you are laughing yourself.

Also, I really really really hate Wolowitz' mother. I don't think that gag has ever been funny and its really been killing me this season where not much else is funny at all. The show really needs to change up its status quo, even a bit - Raj needs to be able to speak to women, and Howard and Raj should get a place together. Penny and Bernadette are the only enjoyable things anymore.

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