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December 09 2010

Lunch with Jane Espenson! If only I had the funds and the fortitude to enjoy a lunch with Jane.

There is also a Castle wrap up party available.

Sadly, I am poor and can afford neither, but it's a nice treat for fans.
There's also a chance to have Jim Kouf (Angel writer; I had no idea he wrote Rush Hour) read your screenplay and give you notes.

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I did meet Ross LaManna, who co-wrote Rush Hour, so that's sort of less than six degrees.

Well, I met Jane too, but that's beside the point, and I'd love to have a leisurely lunch discussion with her.
I wish I could afford to make a big bid on this, I would LOVE to do lunch with Jane Espenson! I got to meet her once in an autograph line, and she couldn't be nicer.
This is the best auction ever. So many great opportunities. If only I were a professional or even semi-professional writer so I'd have a script someone could actually read, have an intelligent, writerly conversation with Jane Espenson, or a struggling actor in L.A. who needs help getting an agent ... Or a better tennis player. I hope they do this annually.
Man, so much great stuff here. The ultimate irony, I suppose, is that, being a struggling writer/actor, I'm too poor to afford any of these things that would be so amazing for a struggling writer/actor. Still though, congrats to whoever eventually gets these. :)

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