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December 10 2010

Some Buffy love in Russia. Well, this time the pop reference is the other way around. This gives proof that Buffy in fact is quite respected in Russia.

Well, not sure this message really belongs here, than it is funny to see, that the name buffy was selected.

I walked a Bulldog named Buffy once. She bit me. It was a traumatic day being bitten by Buffy.
Maybe WB will be encouraged by this news to make the Buffy reboot for the Russian market instead of the US market.
In Soviet Russia, pop references YOU?

That's what I was thinking, sab39 :). Eerie.
From Russia With Love.


Btw, is there a hellmouth somewhere?
And, the Chechen mobsters from episode In The Red of White Collar used "Sunnydale" as passworrd for their restrict poker game (No, they didn't played for kittens.).
Apparently Putin himself isn't familiar with "our" Buffy, but I guess someone is. Although Buffy-puppy is a boy, which feels a bit strange. :)

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