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December 10 2010

Serenity Sake, with just a touch of Saffron. Today's TeeFury "here today, gone tomorrow" t-shirt is obviously 'Verse inspired. Shiny!

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It's a great design, though it is much better suited for the shot glass they are giving away.
Like the design. Just ordered one. Thanks for the link. ;)
Hello easy holiday gifts. Just bought three. Two for friends and one for greedy-me. Hope they fit nicely.
I buy a lot of their shirts. Very good quality.
I'm such a sucker for Firefly stuff! I bought one for me and three for gifts.
I found out that you actually could order the glass shown, as well as another larger glass. I bought one for a friend.
I love TeeFury...I visit it everyday even tho I'm not buying for myself

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