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December 10 2010

"Whatever Joss Whedon wants to do, just do it". Nathan Fillion chats to the Huffington Post about Firefly, Castle, Dr Horrible and more. Bonus for those who've always wanted to see a pic of Malcolm Reynolds and Colonel Tigh.

You might want to add a spoiler tag in there for Castle fans.
I thought this, about Molly C. Quinn, who plays his daughter on Castle, was so sweet, and suggested someone who'd maybe like to be a father himself:

"I have the sin of pride when it comes to Molly. I don't know why. I am not responsible for her amazing-ness in any way. She has great parents. I get all, I don't know, wrapped up. It's tough. It's tough for guys who play people's fathers! [laughs] It's tough for people who play fathers on television."

And I'm probably being thick, but I don't quite get the mechanics on this game he played with the Serenity cast:

"Then the other game was, find the extra. When you're doing a scene, there's always one of them staring at you in a weird way... I would have them turn their backs and count to ten and hide in a crowd of extras, staring at them in a hee-bee gee-bee way. And they'd have to find me."

Does anyone not imaginatively-impaired get this? I think the multiple "thems" are throwing me off...
QuoterGal - I was feeling pretty dense, too, and I think you're right about the "them"s and "they"s being used to represent too many different groups. However, near as I can tell, the cast had noticed that there was always at least one background performer (See what being former extra makes me call extras?) who would, between takes, be staring at the cast members in a strange way. So what Nathan would do was to have the other cast members turn around and count to ten, during which time he would hide amongst the background folks, and stare at the cast members in that strange way, until they spotted him. If I'm right, I believe this would only really work in pretty substantial crowd scenes, as even just a regular street scene, I reckon, would make it easy to spot him. Anyway, like I said, I may be wrong, but it sounds like a fancy, life-sized version of "Where's Waldo?"
Aww, it sucks he misunderstood the question about the Firefly references. I'd've loved to find out. Hee.
Agreed, pathsunbeaten... I was hoping he would have some Firefly easter egg shenanigans to talk about, but he seems to have misunderstood. I guess it's not surprising since the question Nathan seems to have thought he was being asked is probably the one he hears most often, and his "nothing is in the works anywhere by anyone" part seemed to be a genteel hint to fans to ask less frequently. Maybe I misread the statement though; I sure didn't understand the story about him hiding among the extras either...! :P
Wow, that was the first time I was able to go through the comments section on Huffington Post and not see a bunch of people ripping each others heads off! See? Nathan unites the world with his awesome :D

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