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December 10 2010

Marti Noxon's 'I Am Number Four' trailer released. The trailer was released today, online. Marti Noxon, a BtVS Goddess, co-wrote the script.

The trailer was released today, online. Marti Noxon, a BtVS Goddess, co-wrote the script.

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A goddess, eh?

Well, maybe in the classical sense, where gods wreaked havoc on mortals for their own hazy and capricious reasons.

"Noxoned" is a verb for a reason.
"Noxoned" is a verb for a reason.

Although, at least as far as Google can see, it's only a verb in obscure corners of TWoP.
Marti, eh? Can we expect lots of kinky sex? lol!
Good for Marti. I have always adored everything she does. I saw this trailer today and it looks quite fun. I think a couple Smallville writers worked on it too.
That looks kind of awesome. Yay Marti!
It does look kind of awesome.
Marti -- love.

Timothy Olyphant -- like a whole bunch.

Me -- will be seeing this.
Thanks Fred_Sonja for referring to the marvelous Marti as "a BtVS Goddess".

"Noxoned" is a verb for a reason.
dispatch | December 11, 00:31 CET

Due respect, but I think it's the mods who are being "capricious" lately. As in, why is a comment this insulting and mean spirited not deleted?
The spirit of Jim Morrison protects me.
Wasn't this released a while back ? I watched something to do with "I am Number Four" at least a month ago on the Apple site, must've just been a teaser.

Looks pretty good though the trailer was pretty spoilery as is apparently the norm nowadays (number six showing up would presumably be a reveal if we didn't know about it ahead of time). And I try not to prejudge based on a 'Smallville' credit, that show can seemingly detalent even the best (one of Steven DeKnight's eps for instance is, straight up, one of the worst episodes of TV i've seen).

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