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December 10 2010

(SPOILER) CBR's Behind Buffy Season 8 #39. Scott Allie and Georges Jeanty talk about the issue,tease Buffy #40 and season 9.

That may be a call out to something in "Umbrella Academy" where The Boy punched someone in the head, but I liked how it looks here

I thought of Black Adam and Psycho-Pirate in Infinite Crisis but that just might be me. And the breaking of the egg really is "No More Mutants" of the Buffyverse. Interesting to see how it all ties into Fray (I hope).
Good, insightful interview - and I say that despite my intense disappointment in the BtVS comic itself.
In the upcoming finale, the character I'm most interested in is not Buffy. It's Willow. Of all the characters still kicking, she's the one who "Action Scythe Buffy" betrayed the most. Now that the seed go smasharoo, Willow is no longer the uber-witch she was, arguably the most powerful woman on the planet. She's no longer a defender of mother Earth. No longer a powerful being no one should trifle with.

She's just plain old Willow. A regular human. Again.

That's got to go down hard. Is this going to be the end of the Buffy and Willow friendship? Frankly, I would be disappointed if these two women don't come to blows, or at least a shouting match. If I were in Willow's position, I'd be pissed royally.

Yet if Joss pulls out the "Hey, no big, I understand," Willow attitude, I'll be shaking my head. Frankly, I'm already shaking my head that Tara wasn't featured more in Willow's psyche. I know, I know, the comic isn't about Willow, it's about Buffy. Still, there's got to be some lingering resentment. Buffy's failure to deal with Warren resulted in Tara's death, and now Buffy's direct action has rendered Willow powerless.

Speaking of lost ones, I lost my mom a couple of short years ago. There is rarely a day I don't think about her. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a soulmate. I do have a soulmate, so I hope I never find out. I certainly wouldn't be, "Okay, this is me moving on now. La, la, la. My lovely lady was so yesterday." Unfortunately, that's the distant vibe I'm getting from Willow on the loss of Tara. If I were Willow and I had had the chance for Tara to be my mystical guide, I would have jumped at it. I don't emotionally understand why she didn't.

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Because it would have been unfair to Tara. As Willow said, if that were really Tara than she would have been at peace and, after everything they went through with Buffy in S6, Willow understands now that you don't resurrect people. It would have been totally selfish and wrong of her to do that.
That's why I wrote "emotionally." I understand the logic part. Emotions sometimes overwhelm logic, for good or bad, and I was hoping for a more emotional decision, given the depth of the Willow/Tara relationship. Also, it wouldn't have been a resurrection. Mystical guides tend to stay on mystical planes.

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Good interview. I commend Jeanty for having the balls to ask Joss to validate Giles' death. I know there have been several times where wanted that privilege.
I kind of want to cry again. That last panel is heartbreaking and really felt like the show (series, story, what have you) that I love.
Buffy and Willow. I feel that there is going to be some serious fallout between those two and it makes me really really sad. I love the friendships on BtVS and I hate it the most when they fight. I know it has to happen but I'm dreading it.
Great! Great interview. Does anyone know how long it will take for us to get a preview for #40?!? for the past few issues they've started to come out around this time, so i guess maybe we can expect it soon. Or maybe it'll be pushed back to be closer to the release date of #40, which sadly is two weeks later then expected. Maybe if all goes to plan and printing happens quickly they'll bring the release date back down. We can dream can't we!
I don't know if they might deley the Buffy #40 preview.Normally the new Buffy issue comes out the first week of the month but Buffy #40 was pushed to Jan.19th so it can be released on Buffy's birthday.The preview might be pushed forward as a result too.

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Good interview. Looking forward to #40. About how Angel killed the Master - to me that's a call back to Connor. Connor punched Jasmine through the head to kill her. Same imagery. I'm kind of surprised that Scott and Georges didn't mention that.
@Buffyfantic That's what I'm afraid of
We have to wait til Jan. 19th?!?

it's gonna be a longggggggggggggg wait.
Buffy just lost : her father figure, her lover, her best friend, her little sister is going to be in a new relationship with her remaining best friend. I am really curious to see how they manage her in #40.
Angelus: Now that's everything, huh? No weapons... No friends...No hope. Take all that away... and what's left?
Buffy: Me.
luv4whedon - I would love this. Still, it is one thing to have a bright brief moment of catharsis whilst th3e fight is going on and the world's fate is in balance , and quite another to be plunged into this kind of identity crisis after the fight is done and all that remains is loneliness.
dorotea-agreed. Buffy isn't going to be able to wait tables in L.A. for a couple of months then come back to friends and family. Though, with magic out of the picture waiting tables might be the money maker!
Do we know what the title of #40 is yet? "Last Gleaming, Part 5" or something else? It sounds like it's going to be more of a one-shot than the fifth part of an arc.
i'm thinking it's just part five.
I guess this finale is gonna be like Angel season four, the second last episode is the climax the last is sorta like a backdoor pilot for the next season.
Wow ... hearing about Giles' death was kinda hard, but to actually SEE the page, SEE the panel where Angel snaps his neck? That's just ... wow, I think it's not sinking in that Giles is dead, and like a lot of other character deaths in the Jossverse, this one gets me. Hard.

Damn ...
Interesting interview. It's relieving that some stuff was there just to be "cool" on the comic page.
Good interview.

The interesting stuff (to me):

1. Jeanty-"I never draw in sequence and am always doing things out of order."

2. Joss-"What's the Buffy of it?" (I like this. I think it's going to be one of my favorite new quotes. The possible applications are endless. Heh.)

3. Jeanty-"There is that thing with comics that I think Jack Kirby had said: Something doesn't have to make sense, but if it has that cool factor, people will let it go." (From a creator's perspective, that's really good to hear. ;-) )

4. Jeanty-"A lot of who this series is being done for are people who've never read comics, and what you do in terms of how you show it is making things as identifiable as possible because if you miss your chance the first time around, you can really mislead the reader and make them feel like they can't follow a comic." (This. It explains a LOT. Too bad, IMO.)

5. Jeanty-"I thought, "If I don't actually draw it, it doesn't actually happen." (Poor man.)

6. Jeanty-"I think that this is the beauty of monthly comics. It cannot be replaced, and it's so well said here. With all the events going on here and in this page [the last page of the issue] in particular, you see it and you digest it. You may not understand it all together, but now you have 30 days to look at it and start to postulate and think and let it resonate and start to come down from this obvious high. By the next issue, you're prepared to go, "Okay, I've waited a month. Give me my just desserts and fulfill what I was thinking about." (Anticipation is becoming a lost pleasure.)

7. Allie-"One of the things we love the most about Georges and Karl [Story's] another guy who does this well when a lot of guys who work in this don't do it is the way that he so comfortably can slip from superhero action to real heartfelt drama to really silly, funny shit. He does that without making abrupt style changes." (This is one of those places where I think western comics could benefit from increasing the amount ofmanga lexicon added to the language--but a lot of people disagree with me on this point. There seems to be a decided preference and perhaps even prejudice towards limiting Western comic book storytelling to the 'concrete world.' The manga artists excel at representing emotions and making readers feel them. And I'm not sure what is so bad about style changes. Film does it all the time with things like dream sequences. Why do comics have to limit themselves to the equivalent of still shots when it's a world where you can do anything and it's already using a set of symbols. Why not avail yourself of other ones? We don't read comics like we watch film. Executed properly, the manga experience is seamless.)

A couple of thoughts about things that bugged me:

1. Those are some of the most awkwardly drawn bodies I've ever seen. There are some really good faces though. Except...why does Giles have Spike's nose right before he dies? The emotions are also well expressed. And I'm in total agreement about that Faith panel.

2. Giles' death scene really needed a full half page bleed for proper resonation-a longer beat if you will. I think the insert panel of Angel standing over his body could have been dispensed with. I'd leave Buffy's reaction shot in though.
About how Angel killed the Master - to me that's a call back to Connor. Connor punched Jasmine through the head to kill her.

The same mode of killing was repeated when Illyria punched and shattered Cyvus Vail's head in the final 5th season Angel episode "Not Fade Away."
Buffy just lost : her father figure, her lover, her best friend, her little sister is going to be in a new relationship with her remaining best friend. I am really curious to see how they manage her in #40.

With all the parallels to Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3, I think Buffy will initially go through a period of withdrawal from all her friends in Season 9, going back to the basics of vampire slaying. Faith will become the de facto leader of the remaining slayers. Xander and Dawn will attempt to build a new life for themselves as a couple, and Willow will bitterly hang on to memories of her days as a powerful witch until she drives Kennedy away. She will find someway to regain some of her powers but as Dark Willow, thus setting the stage for the Dark Willow of the Fray future.
Interesting theory.
When does season 9 start? Did I read it right that it will be at least 10 months?
@quantumac: Yes, I found myself wondering more about Willow than Buffy, too. I found Willow was always the more interesting character, with all the transitions she's gone through. And we know how she turns out in the future universe (we think). Buffy was more predictable. I'm also more interested, in fact, in how Angel and Faith are going to react.

I mean, just because the series is called "Buffy" doesn't mean it has to be all about her, right?

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