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December 10 2010

(SPOILER) A Watcher's Job: On Giles' Story in Season Eight (spoilers for #39). Interesting take on Giles' journey and motivations throughout the series up to and including Season 8.

"The issue of a Watcher’s role in curtailing the threat posed by a slayer subtly informs two defining periods of Buffy and Giles’ relationship in the show, which directly inform season eight (and this issue). The first centres around Angel in season two. The second centres around Spike in season seven. The two are somewhat antitheses of each other, in-series. Season eight synthesizes them."

Glad to see this linked here. This post gave me a lot of food for thought about Giles and his role in season 8.
That was a fantastic read - it really cleared up/summarised a lot of S8 for me, concerning Giles and otherwise.
This is a great read. I will be bookmarking it and reading it again after I give season 8 a re-read.
Wow, what a terrible article. The guy who wrote that must not have a clue what he's talking about. I mean, seriously, has this guy even seen an episode of the show? Or opened one single book?

(Pauses, checks article.)

Oh, wait, that was me. Um, hi.
Wow, what a terrible article.

I was preparing to defend your honor until I realized it was you insulting yourself. ;-)

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