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December 10 2010

New trailer for The Cape with Summer Glau. The latest trailer for The Cape centres of the character Orwel, portrayed by Summer Glau. The show premieres on 9th January on NBC.

Sweet! Hopefully this show will be for Summer what Castle has been for Nathan.

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And my interest in this show (already high) just ratcheted up to whole new levels.
Looks to me as if it could be either really fun or hopelessly silly. For Summer's sake, I hope it's the former.
Even after all this time, I just can't get used to sexy Summer Glau. She's stunning, obviously, but part of me still thinks of her as Simon's little sister!
Damn Summer Glau looked hot..
I say that like that was a surprise ;|

This has completely changed my perception of the show, because when I first read about it, I thought it sounded a little childish..
But this trailer has really restored my faith XD
I can't believe how soon the Pilot is coming, i'm really excited!

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