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December 10 2010

Dollhouse receives an honorable mention on Mo Ryan's list of Best 2010 shows. Chuck and How I Met Your Mother are listed in the same category. The Guild ranks among her favorite Web Series. Bones & Castle are not as well regarded, but are mentioned as well.

Warehouse 13 also received an honorable mention. My apologies to Jane Espenson for it's omission from the thread title.
Yay, In Treatment. S3 was amazing, and Irrfan Khan, Debra Winger, Amy Ryan and the astonishing Gabriel Byrne were masterful. And watch out for newbie Dane De Haan.
Risch22, Jane hasn't been involved with Warehouse 13 since the pilot. I doubt she will mind the oversight since it really isn't one.
Ah, I never got around to watching that, so i didn't know. My thanks IrrationaliTV.

And a second apology to Jane Espenson for being unaware of her no longer being involved in Warehouse 13. (Crossing my fingers that I can get out of this without any more apologies).

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