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December 10 2010

(SPOILER) Anthony Head speaks about Buffy #39. Tony Head's aware of what happens in That Issue.

He says a lot in a simple sentence. Bless him.

My apologies if I spoiled anyone - I didn't know it was still considered "current."

#39's only been out for a week, although it feels a lot longer. Should probably chuck a spoiler warning on this and vague the language up a bit...
I tried to avoid spoilers, yet there they are on the front page again. Thank you.
I got spoiled because of that 'closed for the day' thing.
Well It's lucky then that I don't really take onboard what the comics do and see them as being anything as important in the grand scheme of things as the TV show (sorry Mr Whedon I really don't even though It's canon) , so for me at least Giles is still out there whiling the time away farming poodles with Ethan Rayne or something equally mad.

Hey, lets face it, for some of us that's not as far fetched as what Joss tried to do in season 8. :D

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redeem147, I was traumatized the entire day. I flicked on that page for about a millisecond, so I don't even know if it went into specifics. I still don't know the specifics. I haven't even read the "Twilight" volume yet! Ahh!

Nice quote from Tony though.

And I'm sure, sueworld2003 that Joss will be tossing and turning in his bed tonight about you not enjoying his little comic books. :p
Boy, I get that some people didn't like the comics, but it sure would be nice if they didn't feel the need to take jabs at them, and Joss, in every single article here about them.

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If you're referring to my comment, well I don't post on every thread expressing my opinion (like I thought we were allowed to do), but maybe as others have felt disappointment with season 8 and have said as much on here during the years, well then maybe It just seems like it. *g*

But hey, whats a few dissenting voices against a horde of praise? I mean as the above poster said I'm sure Mr Whedon won't be loosing any sleep over what a few disappointed fans think.

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2010-12-11 16:32 ]
I think by now it is fairly obvious wat some of you think of the comics and there is no need to state the same opinion over and over again at every opportunity. We're going to be a little stricter on that from now on, because frankly I think it tends to spoil the mood here and potentially derails a decent thread.

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Mr. Whedon may not lose sleep over disgruntled fans, but Dark Horse(Bad Horse?) will lose $2.99 a month from me come season 9....

Out of character actions, a storyline that was either made up on the fly or so poorly presented that it felt as such, doing things not because they made sense but because they look cool, and the unnecessary killing of main characters to create some manner of emotional resonance with disengaged readers, does not make for an entertaining experience, not even from Joss.

But never fret, Scott Allie tells us that after spending four years and hundreds of dollars on this unsatisfying pulp, it will make more sense once we've come back and spent hundreds more on season 9....

The only thing that kept me buying season 8 after the big Twilight reveal, were Jo Chen's outstanding covers and obsessive compulsive tendencies that compelled me to finish the story.
I was also spoiled by the "closed for the day" thing. I thought the actor had died so the alternative was actually a relief.

The comics. The comics. So sad that I have tried to keep this universe alive for myself by reading them, but I truly feel that I have now experienced a real kind of death. These characters are no longer recognizable as the ones I so loved.Jo Chen's illustrations gave an illusion that Buffy,Angel, Willow,Xander and the rest were still fictionally alive. Now I find that I don't believe in them anymore despite those pretty pictures, and that is saying a lot because I am a very loyal person. Once I love something it seems to be forever....unless that thing is no longer that thing.I still hope I will find my favorite characters again someday, but that hope is fading, fading, fading and now it's gone.
Unless Giles is alive in issue #40. :)

I try to remain blissfully unspoiled and am used to people coming back in comic books.
By Season 9 they'll have forgotten they offed him anyway. Wouldn't be the first time. Continuity is such a pesky little thing after all.

Fortunately I'll not be reading that.
Simply because there are so many people doing nothing but complaining about Season 8, I'd like to offer my opinion, and say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the series.

It's also nice to see ASH keeping up with his old characters and sharing his thoughts with the fans.
I'm a coward at heart so I'll still be buying them.

Tony 's repsonse is that of a fully professional actor, I'd expect no less nor other of him and commend him for it. He *can't* react like a fan or ex-fan.
It is very interesting how polarizing season eight is.
I've personally loved it. I haven't loved every single thing that happened in it, but it has been a great story.
Class act.

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Agreed, a classy and professional statement.
I don't know if anyone has talked about already in the massive thread about issue #39, but shortly after reading #39 I began wondering what does this do to the BBC show Ripper, that Joss wanted to do with Anthony Head. I know that Joss has his schedule full with Avengers, but I was still hopeful that eventually it would happen down the road. There's still gaps in between season 7 and season 8 and within season 8 itself where it could fit. Or as I think either Joss or Tony said they talked about it not being officially a Buffy spin-off. Which if getting the rights becomes a problem (especially with the Buffy movie reboot) might be the way to go. I guess it could be done as a comic book, but with it getting so close to being a proper tv series, I would still hope that it would someday happen.

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