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December 11 2010

New Dollhouse One-Shot. Things from Another World (TFAW) now has the Dollhouse One-Shot available for pre-order with a release date of March 30th, 2011. Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen will be writing the one-shot and the Dollhouse comic series that follows.

With pre-order, you save 20%!

Just pre-ordered my copy
I am excited as hell about this.

I hope they also find a tv show to write. Somehow, some way. They did some amazing stuff on Dollhouse.
guidedby, they write for Spartacus. Unless you mean a show they develop themselves.

Meanwhile, I still haven't seen, let alone read, the first Dollhouse comic.
I'm really looking forward to the continuation of the Dollhouse world in comics. The comic which was released with the s2 home release was ok, but not more really than a nice little tease of things to come.

I hope DH will eventually release a tpb with all the Dollhouse comics, because it's hard to get your hands on oneshots here in the Netherlands.
b!X, I know I've read that they write for Spartacus, but I looked them both up on IMDb, and saw no credit for Spartacus. Plus, isn't Spartacus over, since the lead is unable to continue? Or did they find a different lead?

Well, even if they are still writing for Spartacus, I hope they find something else. Because I don't care for that show.
The second season of Spartacus hasn't started yet, and there's a short prequel series to come before that. (And yes they're recasting the lead; I don't recall if that's done yet.)
I barely follow entertainment news anymore, aside from what gets posted or discussed here and the bits I pick up on when I visit the IMDB. Didn't know that Andy Whitfield had had to drop out.

Wish Starz could've waited longer to see how he did, recovery-wise (the six-part prequel season seems like it'd grant them that reprieve), and delay the decision on whether or not to re-cast. But I know they can't wait forever, with contracts for the rest of the cast only holding them for so long and sets needing to be torn down if they're not being used, etc.

Maybe Whitfield can return to the role if there's a third season. Dunno how that'd work, if they'd kick the replacement actor out.

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