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December 11 2010

Bradley Whitford on working with Joss and Drew on 'The Cabin in the Woods'. "I love them. Joss is one of those people I'd work for any time. They have a fierce vision, it's a fierce, crazy, wonderful movie and I loved working with them".

I think we're all being punked, and that The Cabin in the Woods doesn't really exist.
Any takers for the movie getting released next year?
I'll cross my fingers for Halloween.
Great! It would be lovely to ACTUALLY SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Preferably in the intended 2D.
I'm pretty optimistic about the 2D, as for one thing, I think the MGM leadership who wanted it are no longer at MGM and for another, I think at this point they won't want to spend any more money on post-production on a film in the can once the MGM ownership issue is resolved, which has to happen eventually.
I too would wish for the intended 2D.

There isn't anything that needs to be done with the film, bar releasing and publicising is there? I could imagine it coming out about a year after the last release date, around February time. It has been mentioned a couple of times in the last week or so, which could indicate they are trying to make a bit of a buzz around it.
For what it's worth, MGM Studios is on Twitter and Facebook to drop them a note of interest (not campaigning). I don't see any "Contact Us" link on their various website pages. Twitter is @MGM_Studios and Facebook, just search the name.
I'm pessimistic on this one. I don't think it will ever be released in the theater. Maybe straight to DVD someday if ever. Films need a champion in a studio to launch and be marketed properly. Mary Parent won't be there to do it.
I can see a Halloween release, not only timely but also an opportunity to market Hemsworth as the star after Thor.
FWIW, it was originally supposed to have a Halloween release but they didn't want to compete with whatever Saw movie was coming out. That was the first of all the delays.
Shapenew - MGM has leadership now?
I think MGM has bidders now (I'm a little unclear on the sequence of events). But when it *had* leadership, someone wanted 3D. However, I think whoever that was isn't there any more.
It's odd that someone wanted 3D, I thought they weren't interested in much other than that weekend's Lakers game tickets.

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