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December 11 2010

Save the date - January 19th is Buffy's birthday and the Season 8 finale. To mark the occasion, Dark Horse are arranging a Buffy birthday party at the Central Libary in Portland, Oregon.

I love the "Hush" drawing charades (otherwise known as Pictionary, I suppose).
January 19 isn't Buffy's Birthday, October 24th is.

But still nice anyway.
IMDB sez

Buffy's birthday was celebrated in the episode first aired on or near 19 January each year. In the first-year episode "I Robot, You Jane", Malcolm brings up Buffy's school records on his computer. In the first view, we see that Buffy was born on 24 October 1980, and that she is a sophomore. The second time we see Buffy's records, her birthday is 6 May 1979, and she is a senior. Joss Whedon finally decreed Buffy's birthday to be 19 January 1981.

And seeing as the Queen in my country has two birthdays in one year, why can't Buffy have three?
January 19 is the official date (as Simon cited). It falls in line with every Buffy birthday episode to the week.
Her tombstone gave her birth year as 1981, so that's consistent with Joss's final decree.
The big three-oh! Truly ancient in slayer years.
Is it wrong that I find it just as exciting to share my birthday with Buffy as I do sharing it with Janis Joplin and Paul Cezanne? squee!
mm, how old is Buffy really at the moment, in the Buffy timeline?? i wish we got some official dates to go on. I'd kill to have the same birthday as her. I wish her B'day was the one in october, she'd be the 24th and i'm the 26th. Huh my dog's the 24th actually
Tattoo station? I'm there!

Oh wait, wrong country...

The "big three-oh?" Buffy is not 30 years old now (in the storyline/comics)... is she?
@Simon- not to go completely OT- well ok I am- but the queen has 2 birthdays?? really? splainy, please, to an ignorant (but very curious) colonial?
@Simon, did you intend to write Sark horse as a category?! I'm guessing it was a mistake.
In "real life time" Buffy will be turning 30 next January (as she was "born" in 1981); in comic time she's somewhere between 23 and 30.

Comic time is ambiguous enough as it is, we're told that S8 kicks off about a year and a half after S7 ends (so basically when Angel S6 would have begun), but the pop culture references (Veronica Mars, Daniel Craig, 30 Rock, etc) - not to mention the somewhat confusing and unclear relation to the Angel comics - throw that off somewhat. It's not a huge deal either way, I'd be happy just viewing her as perpetually 25 unless told otherwise.

@Nathan: David Anders approves.

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This sounds nice. Anyone from here planning to go? I hope it goes better than some of her other birthdays.
Also, does one really AGE when you've been dead for a few months anyway? Maybe they should celebrate her re-births also.
I never realized Buffy was born the day after I was!

I'll probably attend this. If I'm lucky the apocalypse won't be so bad. I'll bring weapons and holy water just in case.
why oh why do they do these things on the nights I work? first Shepard's Tale and now this! Dang it! (Asking for the night off is a bit trickier where I work.)
I would attend this if I... you know, actually knew anyone who'd be there. :-\
So would I if it wasn't for that darned thing called the Atlantic... Always in the way. *sigh*

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