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December 11 2010

Dr. Horrible beats Captain Hammer. NPH not only hosts VGAs, he wins Best Performance By A Human Male, beating Nathan Fillion.

As announced by Felicia Day Penny on Twitter.

UPDATE: NPH whips out his gun at VGAs (with video).

[ edited by Vague That Up on 2010-12-14 00:54 ]

By a Human Male? Were they thinking of nominating non-humans?
Finally beats? Are we saying that in Act III technically Hammer beat himself, then?
hahaah. I love that they had to clarify that he didn't beat ALL males, just the human ones. lmao.
Good point, b!X! Dr. Horrible did, indeed, beat Capt. Hammer in Act III. That's gotta sting. Again.

edited to properly spell b!X. Don't ask.

[ edited by TartFuel on 2010-12-12 05:36 ]
He is a true superhereo.
'finally' finally feels unnecessarily too much very inappropriately overused.

[ edited by eth3er on 2010-12-12 12:16 ]
I loved it. A lot. But, really, the John Marsden guy should have got that award.
I've always considered the Doc's victory a hollow one, all things considered. But didn't convey that, so I've removed the word "finally" in the edit to add the skit video.
Capt. Hammer pulled the trigger.

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