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December 12 2010

Binding Buffy and Firefly in books. These are really cool, kudos.

And they can be purchased here.

Wow. I am having trouble even picking a favorite. Very cool!
With some modifications these would make some awesome DVD cases.
Or a season eight box set...
Wow. I had to stifle a large chunky of jealousy that rose in my gorge when I saw these. They're beautifully done.

I crave the Gachnar - one of my favorite drawings within the show - and very cleverly handled. 1) It's really difficult, nay impossible, to find a larger/higher quality version of it (I 'spose unless you actually owned it, talk about jealousy) and 2) using it small and in the lower right is totally apropos for the subject.

Whitney Sorrow is good.
Wow! I want that Hush journal with the drawings of Giles' slides inside.
Hi Whedonesque! Thanks so much for posting about my books. I love you guys :)

@didifallasleep, I've been toying with that idea myself. I only have one copy of every issue, so I'm not sure I want to mess with them, but I do like the idea of binding them into a set. Hit me up on etsy if you want me to bind your season 8 set; it would be fun.

Thanks again for looking at my books. They're for sale on my etsy site (Simon posted the link.) And there are more to come, so please check back or subscribe via RSS.

Squee! I am on Whedonesque!
Ooooh. I want. These are gorgeous. I love journals (though I never do anything with them) just because of the covers.
Wishes to santa for the Mr. Pointy one...
These would be hard to choose between but I think I'd have to go for the one from Hush with its gorgeous cover and the contrast of Giles' overhead transparencies inside.
These are absolutely gorgeous. Can't decide whether I like Mr. Pointy or Hush best.
These are so beautifully made! I would totally buy the Hush one, can't go past Giles' overhead sheets. Actually, I might seriously consider buying one now.
absolutely beautfully done...i also liked the dr. who ones. they're more 3D though.
Ahhh Mr. Pointy.
Geez, these are gorgeous! You're amazing, Whitney Sorrow! I want one!
I love these! And, I recommend checking out the blog for a more detailed look at it, plus just general Buffy gushing. There is a major season 8 spoiler randomly placed there, however.
Whitney Sorrow, you are fabulous. I lust after these with a lust that surpasseth all bounds. I think the Hush is my favourite, but it's a close-run thing. Oh fo the requisite number of dollars!
If only I could justify the expense... Beautiful books! The Giles drawings inside the Hush book are fantastic.
Shouldn't Mr. Pointy be, you know, a little . . . bigger? Just saying. What? C'mon!

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