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December 12 2010

Olivia Williams is runner-up for Supporting Actress at LA Film Critics Awards. It's for her work in The Ghost Writer.

She was so amazing in that movie. She's amazing in everything. But that film was spectacular!
Good judgment, LA Film Critics!
Even if she didn't win, I take consolation in the fact that her work in the Ghost Writer is being recognized. She was fantastic in it.
Great film. She was really good in it.
Yes, she was extremely good in that film. I'm glad she's getting some recognition.
Great film, great actress :)
I just saw this the other week for the first time, and wow was I blown away. What a fantastic film. She deserves some awards for it too.
Or The Ghost as it's called in the UK, which is the proper title.

She was brilliant in what was a fairly average film.
The film wasn't good as the book but Olivia was incredibly good in it.
Echo the praise for Olivia and I enjoyed The Ghost very much. I wouldn't say it was spectacular, but it was certainly much better than the many negative reviews seemed to think it was.
Excellent choice!

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