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December 13 2010

Simon Helberg and His Wife Would Like You to Get Into Bed with Them... Conceptually. Helberg's wife, Jocelyn Towne, has written a movie that she, Simon, Jason Ritter and others will star in, if they can just raise the funds to make the fool thing. That's where you come in.

Even if you can't afford to support the project, you can certainly at least enjoy the niftiness of the one-shot video.

I looked a ways back and didn't see this mentioned here yet, but I know they've been fundraising for a while, and it's certainly possible that I just missed it. My sincere apologies if that's the case.
Sounds interesting. Wish I had $200 to get a Simon Helberg phone message, but it's Christmas, so money is tight, but I'll donate something.
I'd love to have a message from Moist!
Different levels of donations is an extremely cool idea/tactic, most of those sound like lots of fun.

Is there anything else quite like this going on online elsewhere, with name actors ?

I've seen walk-on roles/extra work auctioned off for charity before (Marvel did one back in `08 for Spider-Man 4, maybe Iron Man 2 as well), donated a bit to Amber Benson's first two films, and there're plenty of opportunities to get your name into the "Thank-you" credits at the ends of many films (for the Lord of the Rings extended cuts, just needed to subscribe to the movie magazine). Haven't seen anything this varied for film production fundraising before, though.

Story sounds like it could be appropriately heartwrenching (plus plenty of potential for humor in that concept) and their video was cute/well-made. Hope it works out for 'em.
I can't tell how tacky this is, but Kris asked, and so here's my response. I write a show called "Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy." You may've heard of it, as it's been mentioned here due to Nicholas Brendon's involvement. Anyway, while we're certainly nowhere near the level of Jocelyn's project, we are currently fundraising for season two. We're not offering a walk-on role, but we're offering to make a video for higher contributors, whether it's a commercial for a company, or a fun sketch inspired by a single person. Anyway, I think that's pretty nifty and thought it might be relevant as a response to your question, as we're hoping to get Nicky (technically a "name actor," especially around these parts) back for season two.

Check it out if you're so inclined:
Hey XanMan, thanks for the response. I've seen a few episodes of "Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy". Since "The Guild" is finished and "The Legend of Neil" is over, and with everything on TV done until January, was thinking of giving that, plus a couple other webseries I've sampled, a watch-through during the post-Xmas relax time.

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