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December 13 2010

Lou Ferrigno says he'll be involved in The Avengers: "Lou Ferrigno, the actor who brought The Hulk to life in the original Incredible Hulk TV series, tells Nuke the Fridge (video) that he will be involved with Joss Whedon's upcoming Avengers movie 'in some capacity'."

Whoa, that's random and weird and kinda cool. I guess not 100% random, but a bit unexpected anyhow.
I think this is really exciting! Of course, I was obsessed with the TV show when I was little.
Wonder if he's going to be playing a security guard again?
I kind of hate this sort of thing. Cameos like this are usually meant to be a little wink at the audience, but often I find them distracting. They tend to pull me out of the movie while I marvel at the cleverness of the film makers. It's the same with the "Wihelm Scream". I know a lot of people who think it's hysterical, but to me it just interfers with the flow of the movie....

If it's a full on part, then I'm all for it. But if it's just a little nod to the audience, save it for the DVD....
Didn't he play the voice of the Hulk in the last movie? I mean, when Bruce was all green and shouting... Yes? No? Idk. xD
Okay, yes, he did play the Hulk's voice. Maybe he'll be doing that again?

I hope Stan's in it. Nuff said.
Dude must have a contract somewhere demanding that anytime the Hulk is mentioned, he gets to stick his head in the room and wink at the audience. Definitely going to be a security guard for Shield.
Cool. He's still big and hot. A few months back, I watched the two `80s Hercules films he starred in, had kinda wanted to see 'em for a while. Super-cheese, overall kinda boring, but some all around eye candy and a bit of fun (and unintentionally hilarious lines) here and there. Lou was an exceptionally good looking young dude, IMO (hadn't seen anything other than a Bill Bixby Hulk episode here and there, so before Hercules, I just had an impression of Ferrigno as impressively big, sure, but mostly just green and angry). Glad his Herc had a beard, hate when animated and live action Hercules adaptations are beardless, I'm a traditionalist for at least that aspect of the myths.

I don't mind the nerd-celebrity cameos (like Stan Lee appearing in almost every major Marvel superhero film), it's kinda expected and I look forward to the bit of dorky humor they sometimes provide. Don't take most of these films all that seriously, so it doesn't take me out of the film.
OT but it was announced tonight that Jon Favreau won't be directing Iron Man 3 which is set for a May,3 2013 release and will be a sequel to Joss's Avengers(as well as Iron Man 2,The Incredible Hulk,Thor and Captain America).Favreau has since confirmed his exit from the Iron Man franchise on twitter and a Hero Complex interview.He'll still be a executive producer on The Avengers.Already lists of Iron Man 3 directors are being made and Joss is on the top of many.I don't think that's realistic though since Iron Man 3 will be starting production while Joss is in the middle of filming or on post for The Avengers.But I think Drew Goddard would be a cool choice to direct Iron Man 3.

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Can we agree to never again mention E Norton Hulk please?
They simply put the manager of a drinks plant speaking to him in a terrible Portuguese with the strongest English accent.
Could'nt they just let the characters speak English, if they hired English speaking actors. There will be no problems in a big factory being a US'er.
An the moment whre the Yankee soldiers had gone chase Banner in the hill/porr neighborhood was just funny, since none of the druf lords from these places had shot once :(

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