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December 13 2010

Nathan Fillion Preps for the VGAs. Honestly - does this need a description?

Honestly - does this need a description?

Since the usual B.S. ("Video is not available in your country") applies: Yes, yes it does.
For the record, it is exactly what it says on the tin - just with the Nathan touch.
This is very cute, but I was getting worried: if you get lost in LA in an electric car isn't there a fear you'll run out of juice and be stranded? Maybe NPH can give Nathan a ride home... .
HA! Nathan gives good tantrum. Very funny. And wow, they let him borrow an Arcimoto? Or did he actually buy one, because the last I heard they were still in prototype stage.
He bought one, I believe. He was all about it on his Twitter.
Nathan also later tweeted that for non-US people, he'll get it onto YouTube later.
That website should hire a new translater, because their German version of "I'm sorry" is very... strange.

I'm hoping to be able to watch this on youtube soon.
There's a great pic of Nathan driving this on the Arcimoto website. It cycles through with other photos at the top of the page.
For some reason it actually worked in Canada o_O

He's so funny. I liked his little Tronish car.
Such great method acting...the warm modest smile to his left for his invisible date. And: No, I don't need gas...Electric!"
He missed a golden chance to say "but I'm BETTER than Neil!!" (and NPH did actually win it, FYI).

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