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December 14 2010

James Marsters guest-starred (again) on Hawaii Five-0 last night. The full episode is available at the CBS website.

Marsters reprised his role as Victor Hesse, the "Big Bad" of HF0's initial season.

Is it true he plays an Irishman?
I happened to be channel surfing and caught some of it.
Yeah, it sounded like an Irish accent.
Irish like Dylan Moran or Oirish like DB? ;)
Kind of like a fast, rough Irish accent. He's playing a sort of independent gun runner, high level thug type. It's not clear yet. He is robably involved in some nefarious events that will arc through this season.

Writing was so so last night. I had lots of problems with the story. But the best line of the night went to Daniel Dae Kim's Chin, of course. He was talking to McGarrett about the impossibility of Hesse's (Marsters) survival of a double gun shot wound that propelled him into the ocean. He said something like, this guy keeps coming back like a cockroach - next time aim for the head. I snickered and thought yeah it's sure is tough to kill a Marsters character off unless you get canceled or the series ends.

Wish Marsters fought DDK and Parks in a fight scene. Would have been so much more fun. DDK needs more fight scenes. Just a slight OT vent.
Great art it isn't but it is greatly entertaining!

And it looks like we haven't seen the last of Victor Hesse.

Great set up for more nefarious naughtiness

"10 p.m. -- "Hawaii Five-0" closed primetime in first for CBS with 11.13 million viewers and a 2.9 rating among adults "
Did he have the Irish accent in the first episode? For some reason I didn't recall an accent.
I agree debw ... not art but VERY entertaining. And pretty :). Yes I'm shallow.
I watched the first episode and then this one of five-oh. It's good, I just don't have time for another new show.

Marsters characters are very resilient. I'm sure if Caprica didn't get canceled, he would have found his way back onto the show.
Worst irish accent I heard in a very long time.
Watching that episode just made me wish once again that they had switched around the roles of the Hesse brothers and had killed off Marsters in the first episode instead of Norman Reedus.
Norm not only can do a better irish accent, he's also way more believably evil if he wants to. YMMV, of course.
I think James accent isn't meant to be strong, just a small, subtle one. Besides, Norman is too busy being a badass in The Walking Dead to be able to do this show as well. And hopefully a Boondock Saints 3?
I DVR 5-0 and was surprised to see James when I watched yesterday. This web site always has a heads up but not this time. Very pleasant surprise. The only 2 shows I watch the night they are on are The Vampire Diaries and White Collar.
I am clueless about the quality of the accent, but other than that I thought James was totally bad ass, and believably evil. I'm not sure even James can make Victor Hesse redeemable! ;)
Maybe they moved from America/elsewhere to Ireland ? I stopped watching at ep. 5 or 6 so don't know how much backstory there is on the Hesse bruvs but that's one explanation for why the younger brother has a stronger accent (normally when you move away the elder siblings maintain their accent longer and stronger). Or maybe Hesse the younger stayed back home while number one son went off to seek his - nefarious - fortune but they seemed a bit too close to willingly split up like that.

(and IMO neither of the actors in 'The Boondock Saints' had totally convincing Irish accents but Reedus' was least good of the two. Still, gritty realism wasn't exactly that film's appeal right ? ;)
What could be more fun and evil than JM in full Horrid mode and the incineration of ten million USD? Oh, and Wo Fat in the building.
Was anyone else reminded during the sewing scene of Jayne's singed turtle in the un-filmed episode of Firefly?

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