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December 15 2010

The Daily Show uses Buffy as an example of ideal government infrastructure. Jon Stewart and Co. suggest that instead of a Big Brother government, we should consider having a big sister. Buffy goodness starts 5:52 in.

sometimes Jon Stewart and Co. just make my day with their references. Today is such a day indeed.
Jon Stewart referencing Buffy - two fanverses intersecting.
I loved the audience reaction to the clip.
Was so happy to see this last night! And yes, I love the audience's reaction.
As the bar progressed under the video, I grew more concerned that I may have wasted my time on a passing reference to Buffy.

This was not the case
Buffy beat down with Glory! Or was it Ben?
I was in the other room and came in just as he played the clip. I was very happy! :)
Bravo, Jon Stewart!
I squeaked when I saw it this morning. I was sitting there, hoping there was going to be an Arrested Development reference with Gob being the big brother, but the reference I got was 10x better.

Two of my favourite things colliding. Awesome.
Truly, the Daily Show rocked last night.
I was so happy that I forced my entire family to watch it. Joy is like that. You gotta force people to share it with ya.

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I love the Daily Show. The Daily Show + Buffy Reference = Beautiful.
As soon as I saw this (on DVR) I jumped online to spread the word. Already done!
Heh, cool. Have to feel a bit for the Buffster though, they froze the frame right when she had squooshy face ! Typical younger sibling behaviour.

(funnily enough I can't actually watch the linked video due to my unAmericanness, had to employ "other methods" - it's funny BTW cos the entire programme's on here in just under two hours ;)
Great show! I squeaked at the Buffy shot so much that I had to go watch it online worried that I missed something. It was a great episode. Ricky Gervais wrapped it up perfectly. TDS is a class of its own, and it really made my day that the audience cheered so much for Buffy! But then again, knowing the kind of people who watch it *wink* it isn't surprising.

Need to get me a twitter/facebook account so I can comment on the vid...
goingtowork said:
Ben is Glory?

Of course! That explains everything! This has major implications... Now, we know that Ben and Glory are connected somehow... We need to figure that out
Hooray! I just watched it on E4. Fab it was too.
I love how he doesn't even introduce Buffy at all. He identifies all the other Big Brothers but when it comes to the Big Sister, she needs no introduction.

And the crowd cheers.
Yeah, there was some definite squee-age in the Irish Cowgirl household last night.
Hooray! I just watched it on E4. Fab it was too.

And yet we still can't watch the video. There ain't no justice ;).
Very nice. And the Ricky Gervais interview was hilarious.
I literally gasped, clap and stood up on the couch while watching this with my mom last nite! It is amazing how something like that can revert a 22-year old to a tween-like state!
So awesome. I think what made me grin the most was how the audience just errupted into a cheer.
A friend just told me about this over the phone. I got pretty excited. Can't wait to watch!

And I'm a huge Ricky Gervais fan too!
I have no idea what Daily Show demographics are, but it's sort of nice they kind of just assume people would recognize the clip. (Alternatively, it's a big sibling who punches bad people.)

That said, Dawn was only around for three seasons of Buffy so I wonder if viewers who lapsed would necessarily get the sibling thing? I sort of admire the staff's ability to range their cultural references though.
I'm actually glad I didn't get a chance to peruse Whedonesque today. When I watched the Daily Show rerun (as usual) it came as a total surprise.
Now, if only there had been a Whedonesque contingent at the Rally to Restore Sanifear...
There were a number of isolated Whedon-relevant signs... none of which I saw there at the time, boo. I was signless (Metro was impossible as it was), and I really envied the guy who simply had a shirt or sign stuck on his person that said INVISIBLE SIGN. He actively mimed a sign that needed to be managed in the crowd the whole time.

I think Buffy's pretty recognizable (in the U.S., anyway) even among people who didn't necessarily watch the show. I do think TDS has pretty good ratings among people who'd have been in high school or college when Buffy was on though.
It was such a fantastic suprise last night. I did not see Jon taking the conversation that way, bringing up a big sister and suddenly, boom! Buffyness! Just epic work followed then by the outpour of approval was juct cherry! :D
Tee-hee! Totally made my day, that video did.
Two of my favorite worlds collide, love it. Also loved the "Buffy needs no introduction" thing, & the audience reaction confirming that. :)

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