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December 15 2010

Nicholas Brendon comments on the Buffy reboot. Does he think it's a good idea? (Spoiler: no.)

Watch With Kristin has a snatchlet of an interview with Nicky.

Updated link: Watch with Kristin: Nicholas Brendon

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I have to ask, when there is going to be good publicity for this movie?
My hope is that there will NEVER be any good publicity and it will just never get made because WB will realize it's a horrible idea. Hey, I can dream, can't I?
I don't really find much authenticity to the bad publicity, to be honest. What does the bad publicity amount to? Entertainment journalists and bloggers asking the people who worked for Joss Whedon if they are enthusiastic, interested, or supportive about a reboot/relaunch of the "Buffy" movie property without Joss being involved, and are "reporting" that they are not enthusiastic, interesting, or supportive.

I use quotations there because "reporting" this is very much a perfect example of "reporting" that a dog has bitten a man. Obvious answer... is obvious. I mean, really? There are only two metaphysically possible answers to the question, once you exclude how politely it was answered. Yes, or no. Like it, or don't. If you say you like it, all that happens is the "reporting" turns into a rift between you, whoever you are, and Joss, or the disrespect you show. So even if you do not give a damn about the remake at all, why would any rational person, particularly who might want to work again with Joss or be welcomed by fans... say yes? Which is not to say that the 100 out of 100 who've said they don't like it aren't sincere, but rather that the question itself is pointless because it can only ever illicit one answer other than from a genuine half-wit of a colleague. No, I do not include Kristy Swanson in that broad brush, because I don't think she or anyone else thinks of her as in Joss' Jim Cameron-esque troupe of recurring actors. She isn't burning a bridge to support it.

As for whether the fan reaction constitutes bad publicity... I don't know. I'd put more into the studio's market research, if they've done any, because it's much, much more likely to catch a genuine representation than comments on very devoted message boards and blog sites, which if we've learned anything from continuous depressing commercial shortcomings on TV and the far-too-often berated comic book readers, it's that this and other sites that we all frequent do not represent a genuine cross-section of all potential viewers of a movie like this. Possibly not even of the people who liked "Buffy" as a TV show but never took it farther than watching it and maybe buying the DVDs.

EDIT: 50+ word sentence had to go.

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Is there going to be any kind of policy on posting Buffy-reboot stories on the front page going forward? Since the news has broken and has been discussed here in great depth and Joss isn't involved in any way and almost everyone seems to think it's going to suck, does it make sense to keep publicizing the project here, particularly when Joss & Co. have plenty of stuff going on that folks here can be linking to for discussion?

And Matt7325, please don't read my question as a dig on you for posting this video - just would like to understand if the mods have thought about the issue yet.

And KingofCretins, what do you have against 50+ word sentences? I just slipped in one with 60!
Oh btw since Joss isn't involved, there probably won't be much coverage of this it at Whedonesque. It'll be treated like the Season 8 motion comics (i.e. it'll get mentioned every so often).
Simon | November 22, 22:30 CET

Is there anyone who thinks that if the Buffy reboot were to be successful, it might bring in a whole lot of new fans who would want to watch the TV series, and wouldn't this be a good thing?
I'm not much of a front page poster anyway, and I'm certainly not one to tell people what do to with their own site, I feel obliged to point out -- isn't this eminently Joss-related? As the only coverage it's getting, and the only discussion its gotten here in particular, has been entirely in the context of how the reboot affects Joss and how he and his colleagues feel about it, it seems a contradiction to say it can't be posted about front-page because it's not Joss-related.

Like I said, I could not care less if Simon's original position stands and there won't be any more front page posts about it, but figured that should at least be voiced.
StinkyCats, I sort of think that depends on how good the movie itself turns out to be. But ... successful does not automatically equal good.
If people want to talk about why we delete things, feel free send us an email. We'd rather it not become what the threads we do leave up are about.
My biggest problem with the new reboot is that now something's walking around saying it's Buffy when (at least in my opinion) it's not. People who haven't seen the TV show will judge Buffy based on the reboot, and whether it's a positive reaction or a negative one, it's inaccurate.
If the movie does happen, I will have cards made (like business cards), to hand out to folks I overhear talking about it and who obviously know nothing of the series, which indicate the origin of Buffy, the true creator of Buffy, and Internet links to locations where one may purchase The Chosen collection at a good price, with the following explanatory verbiage:

Please consider that this television series is not the basis for the film you saw, but rather, the collective effort of a creative genius (see above, Creator: Joss Whedon) and his talented co-workers. It was never meant to be used as a springboard for, or held up as, a comparison to a totally unrelated film project.
What Tonya J said. Also love this, from Kristen:

"Any chance that if we just don't freak out about it, it will go away?

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