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December 19 2003

Veteran shows chase lost glory with fresh faces, new angles This article makes it sound like Angel is considered to be doing better in its current time slot and that the move was a success.

I've read this article before somewhere - I think this guy is syndicated but you know everytime I read it I laugh a little harder at one line in particular....

"James Marsters' fashionable vampire sacrificed himself to save the world on Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer - and then showed up in Angel's office as a ghost."

Ok maybe not the whole line but one word 'fashionable'. If you concider wearing all black as fashionable, I guess you could say that but I would think that term might have better served Andy Hallett as Lorne.

Although I do agree with the, 'And just like that, Angel became a fun mismatched-buddy series.' comment.


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Yeah hasn't this article been on here already? I've seen it too, last week or something. That 'fashionable' remark is indeed kinda funny, but overall it does point out nicely the revamping of the show (no pun intended) was a succesful one.
I did check the archives to see if it was posted already and I didn't see it.
Indeed, it has been posted- I posted it- :)

It was titled differently when I posted it, (The title I had was what it was called in the print version- they don't seem to have that title here though, for some reason...::shrug::), and the url seems to be slightly different too, but it's the same article.

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oops, accidentally posted twice

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When I searched I searched for the title that was on the article.. sorry about the double post then. The article seemed to be listed in two Arizona papers and it's the same exact article but with two different titles. You'd think if they were printing the same guy's article they'd have the same title.

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Ah no biggie, we can all use positive comments on out favorite show, even if it's twice, hehe. Me I can't find anything on the net that's not already on here.

Matter of fact I come here FOR it. I do try to search but it's either old or already posted. I will have to live with sucking at this...
I'm pretty sure it's just the one paper- The Arizona Republic - and AZCentral is a web site that's somehow associated with the newspaper.

As for the different titles- When I went to search for the article online so I could post it here (I saw it in print form first - the AZ Republic is the paper we subscribe to), I searched by the author's name 'Goodykoontz,' and what I found and subsequently posted, now that I look at it, doesn't have the title on it at all, but just the writers name. As I said, in my post I used the title from the hard copy print version- the 'Veteran shows...angels' is the subtitle to the article which for some reason is what they used as the title in the online version.


Bill Goodykoontz, btw, is a longtime champion of Buffy (though his favorite TV show, according to him, is The Simpsons). I remember reading his articles a long time before I became a fan of the show, and it was like 'Oh no, he's talking about Buffy again...' He hasn't talked as much about Angel in the past but he's always been supportive of it as well.
I guess "fashionable" is wearing the exact same outfit for every episode? Hm...

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I would like to see some more ratings numbers when Angel returns from its holiday hiatus...It was nice to hear a positive and optimistic assessment of Angel's performance for this season...Now if we only knew what was being said at the WB...

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