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December 15 2010

"Epitaph Two: Return" earns honorable mention as one of the best episodes of 2010. List created by TIME magazine's Tuned In column writer, James Poniewozik.

The Joss-directed Glee episode "Dream On" also received an honorable mention.
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Never mind it seems to be working now. Well out of the two Dollhouse episodes we got this year, the finale was better.

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Did they hold an online poll to find the top ten episodes and then ignore it and come up with their own top ten? ;)
Yeah, NotaViking TIME is currently lacking credibility IMO. Its ok though cause the print division of TIME will be gone in 10-15 years like the rest of those worthless media companies.

Oh yeah, go DOLLHOUSE :)
Agree with Mad Men's "The Suitcase" and "The Summer Man," strongly disagree with Lost's "The End," happy to see some Parks & Rec episodes (the show is underrated) though I'm not positive if those would be my pics.

Epitaph 2 was definitely the best episode of Dollhouse this year! I'm still unsure what I think of it as an episode, to be honest, but I'm glad to see Dollhouse love.

In his companion list he has Mad Men and Parks & Rec at 2 and 3--this makes me happy!
We got three episodes this year! And "Getting Closer" was the strongest, I felt. Epitaph Two was never going to match the impact of Epitaph One (indeed undoing most of the intrigue that came with it), and I couldn't help but feel it put everything back in its box a little too neatly for that matter.

And the Lost finale was awesome, I says so.

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I would've gone with "The Attic," I think. I loved the surreal beauty and creepiness and unpredictability of it. And while "Epitaph 2" was cool in many ways, it was a little disappointing to me ... it felt like too much story crammed into one episode.

I actually kinda wish they had done a two-parter ending for the primary storyline (thus giving themselves time to make the Boyd thing actually make sense, and maybe tie up some loose ends with Saunders/Whiskey) ... leaving "Epitaph One" as the last thing in the show chronologically. As it was, I felt like both the season finale episode and "Epitaph Two" were too much story in too little time, and left a lot of pieces that didn't quite fit together, or moments that didn't have as much emotional resonance as they could've.

But that's probably just me. Anyway YAY Dollhouse love!
Attic didn't air in 2010 so they have to discount it. (It is admittedly weird their lists have to go by chronological year but by default they can't include anything from Decembers to make it on their lists.)

Is the longer write-up somewhere online too or is it only in the print edition? I am curious about some of the decisions, like particularly Community which I've really just come to love again.
I would have picked The Attic, didn't remember it aired in Dec. '09. But yay! for the Dollhouse love.

Definitely agree with The Suitcase (Mad Men).

Not sure which Rubicon ep. that was, but I loved that show so much *sniffle*, I'm sure it was deserving.

Glad to see the Fringe love as well - one of the best eps of the most improved show on TV.
And the Walking Dead did have a great premier.
I'm a lot happier with the honorable mentions that I am the top 10, though in general I'm more in agreement with the inclusion of the shows in general than I am with the particular episodes chosen. For example, I still think the best Fringe episode was "White Tulip," and I honestly don't watch any of the other shows in the top ten.

As much as I loved Whedon's "Dream On" episode of Glee (and acknowledging that it included my FAVORITE DANCE SEQUENCE EVER - "Safety Dance"), I don't think it was the best. I also would've put "A Good Day's Work" ahead of "Look to the Ant" for Rubicon, and I'm not sure I would've chosen "Hail Mary" as the best Terriers episode (that'd probably go to "Sins of the Past" or "Asunder"), but I'm really happy both shows were included.
The Attic was easily the best episode of Season Two.

Of the three Dollhouse episodes that actually aired in 2010, I would have picked Getting Closer over Epitaph Two. Epitaph Two was a nice wrap up, but not that great as a stand alone. And parts of it were pure cheese.

I also disagree with the Terriers finale pick. While very good, there were three to four episodes of Terriers that were even better in my eyes.

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