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December 15 2010

Ovation to broadcast all of Firefly in the first week of January. It's part of the US art channel's "Unreal Worlds" event.

Ovation runs too many commercials and I doubt they have a huge audience, but their arts programming is interesting and non-formulaic. Last week they broadcast five different versions of the Nutcracker ballet from five different international companies, one per night. They also show rock and roll documentaries.

Three episodes per night, in order, in HD, is a good presentation. Sounds like someone with a brain works there.
I will be DVRing it. It will be nice to call up any episode I choose that quickly. Now if only a network would just do a commercial-free marathon, that would be sweet.
"NOTE: This is the first time Firefly has aired in consecutive order and in HD!"
-Not True. Universal HD Channel ran it as a weekly Series two years ago.

Still, it's good that someone has the wisdom to run the Series. I still believe SyFy is missing the boat by Not using it as a 15-week Summer Replacement Series. JMHO.
SyFy has missed so many boats that it's stuck to the pier like a barnacle.

Since I've got my Roku, I can watch commercial-free Firefly any time--without having to handle those cumbersome DVD's. (I haven't upgraded to HD yet.)

Commercials & all, I may tune in. Ovation is a weird & quirky network. Like Bravo before it went with "Real Housewives." Or A&E when it really showed Arts & Entertainment.

They wonder why people are watching less TV! I'll tune in for the Dr Who Christmas Special--which BBCamerica will actually show on 12/25. I can catch Castle, Chuck & a few other shows online or on my cable system's On Demand. Otherwise, wake me when Mad Men returns--next summer!
not_Bridget, you might want to check out Justified when it returns in (I think) February. Timothy Olyphant is very good as a U.S. Marshall who uses both psychology and force; one of the main guys from The Shield has a recurring role as a petty criminal turned born-again Christian. Writing is very sharp and occasionally funny; Kentucky setting is an interesting culture intelligently depicted; not exceptionally violent as law enforcement shows go; as in Mad Men, sex when it appears is not gratuitous.
OK, I'll try Justified. I remember Olyphant from Deadwood.

And I forgot to mention Leverage--it's another one I catch eventually, even if I miss the initial showing. (Along with Castle & Chuck, it stars a Whedon alumnus. And Mark Sheppard is a recurring character--but he's in everything!)

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