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December 15 2010

Another Buffy alum to guest star on "How I Met Your Mother". As mentioned by Aly Hannigan on Twitter.

Danny Strong (Johnathon) will be guest-starring on an episode in 2011.

Oh, yay ! Danny's awesome.. I can't wait !
If they get Warren, then they will have had the entire Trio!
so what is the current list of buffy alum guest staring on that show. I know I saw the mayor and wes
Mayor was on it? Didn't know that. They had Wesley, Fred, Andrew, and now Jonathan. Also, when talking about baby names this season, the first one that Lily suggested was "Tara". I found that sweet.
They also had Morena Baccarin. Not Buffy, but Whedonverse.
Morena!? Did not know that. In what episode?
The same one that had Tom Lenk and Alexis Denisof I think? Season 2?
I think they were all in the same episode, Simon. It makes me have this madcap desire to see SMG return to the small screen as The Mother when she's finally revealed.
Alexis wasn't in that episode, just Morena and Tom. It was S2 though, yes - in Swarley. Tom was the coffee shop guy working with Morena, trying to tell Lily the funny story about why his name badge said one thing when his actual name was another. Alexis was in a couple of episodes at the end of S1, one of which also had Amy Acker in it.

Also, Alexis is returning! He's in the first episode back after Christmas.

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Denisof was in several episodes, but all in season one. His character was written out in the season one finale (which also had Amy Acker).

Tom Lenk and Morena were both in a season two episode, "Swarley". Lenk was very minor, only had two lines. Morena was heavily involved in the main plot. Cause of her eyes. They're crazy.
Danny Strong!

Alexis is coming back? Yay! His character was hilarious.

I have mixed feelings about this season of HIMYM. It's definitely much better than last year, and I'm glad that Lily and Marshall finally have something to do again. They'd been pretty stagnant ever since they got married. But the episodes have been all over the place in terms of quality. Some really great ones, others not so much.
Well, Richard Wilkins has the occasional recurring role of Ted's step father in HIMYM, so he did do a couple episodes already.
Yay, Danny Strong! In a show I love! Great news.
Thrilled about Danny Strong, I totally called it!

I have to admit I hate the Marshall/Lily storyline this season with a burning passion. This season needs more Barney. Also he's not Whedon related, but David (NPH's partner) plays Scooter, Lily's ex.

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