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December 16 2010

(SPOILER) Unofficial Buffy Season 9 sample art. Slayalive has gotten some spec art for Buffy Season 9. According to Scott Allie, this art is no longer under consideration.

I'm putting a spoiler warning even though I don't know if these sequences or something like them will show up in the actual season.

The likeness is good, but wonder how his style would work on more actiony sequences.
Seems we won't find out, as it's not under consideration anymore.
Too bad he's not getting the job because these are pretty nice to look at.

Buffy, Angel and Spike in Capsa Hotel - Bucharest. How could I have missed their trip? And nothing supernatural happened lately
Is it spec art rather than art based on actual plots?
I don't know.That's why I put a spoiler warning.

The source of the art with some discussion about it from the artist.He says he was given a custom written sample script.

Angel likeness

Spike likeness
His Spike is fantastic and his Xander is pretty great too but I'm not a big fan of his Buffy. I'm really happy they're considering new artists for S9 though because, as much as I liked Jeanty, I think it's definitely time for a new look in S9.
Two things:

1) This wasn't sample art, that's a misleading title. This is an artist submission for consideration in drawing for the Season 9 title next year. Like a job application.

2) Just to let everyone know, Scott Allie emailed me about this earlier. "The art from Victor Drujiniu is no longer being considered for Season 9" (I'm the SlayAlive admin)

Just a heads up. I've been in love with these since this summer, I'm surprised no ones linked them till now. Also, is this even worthy of being on Whedonesque? It's really nothing more than fan art now...

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[ETA:] Normally if a mod posts in the thread (and not to say "This is going" ;) then it's been deemed worthy. Time will tell of course.[/ETA]

His Buffy is a pretty good likeness to season one IMO, when SMG still had her youthful softness (I wonder if that's deliberate since she also seems to have "regressed" clothes wise too - back to mini-skirts and push-up bras by the looks of things, even the jewelery looks like the early stuff). Nice pencils in general I think, reasonable likenesses (particularly the frontal angle of Faith) and his buildings are also pretty decent, shame he apparently won't be getting the gig.

And hopefully it's not an actual scene otherwise we know Spike and Angel don't die in issue 40 in which case i'd leave the spoiler tag and maybe add a couple for good measure ;).

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Also, is this even worthy of being on Whedonesque?

It's the first Whedonesque link to the new Slayalive. That's pretty worthy right? :)
Shame this guy didn't get the job.

We get linked every once in a while for actual original content, like Q&A's :)
As for this, it isn't really anything noteworthy to the fandom IMO. It's months old! I just thought it would be something fun to add to the article I posted. I didn't think anyone but my members would ever see it. Ah well.
The way you talk it's like you'd rather not have been linked CowboyGuy. Or is it just that you feel your article's slightly "under-dressed" for the party ?

(cos I wouldn't worry about that, it does what needs doing, introduces the art. Job's a good 'un. Also, I often come here wearing just my [UK] pants and a winning smile ;)
Ha. I don't care either way. It's like 2:30am here in California, I just need to go to bed. Cheers!
Hrm, the title changed from the more confusing version since I opened it. Anyway, I'm a bit bummed out this is essentially fan art. I think a bit of a visual style shift would be kind of nice. While some of the likenesses kind of come and go this slightly more "photo-realistic" take would help set apart the two seasons. I think his Buffy is pretty good, mostly the hairstyle aside, it's really just the Angel being so grumpy that sort of throws me off a little.

I'm curious about this spec script though. On the house exterior it seems kinda reminiscent of Buffy's Sunnydale house but the kitchen interior seems pretty different. That said, I do like how rendered this guy does his backgrounds or building architecture.

I'd like to see how his stuff turns out post-coloring and it's great he apparently did a back up story for Marvel featuring Amadeus Cho. Looks like he'll probably be busy on a different Dark Horse title though.
Here ya go orangewaxlion. He did this one-shot for Dark Horse: The Occultist. They have a coloured preview on their site. Looks pretty good.

He also did a Predators run.

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Looks fairly good post-colouring too but then that's kind of by the by - assuming he doesn't colour his own stuff (and most artists don't) then how it looks after colouring tells us only whether the colourist is any good. And colourists vary, just as pencillers do. Added to that, inking usually changes pencilled art way more than colouring anyway IMO (unless it's particularly well or badly done).

If we had art by the same guy that was coloured by Michelle Madsen (assuming she's colouring "season 9") and preferably inked by Andy Owens then that'd be a pretty good indication of what we could've expected had he been hired (which he wasn't). Phew. I also convolute at children's parties BTW, my rates are very reasonable.

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Those are pretty amazing. I wonder why they didn't give him the job.
I simply adore these, and my god they actually look like the characters, which is amazing! :D

It's a terrible shame he didn't get the gig, because If season 8 had been drawn this way, then maybe I'd liked it more.
Wow, that looks really, really good. I wish the artist who did all that had been hired. I'm really impressed with the work; the Faith sketches in particular are awesome.
Beautiful. Really struck by the Faith, the Buffy, and the scene where Spike is leaning against a doorway.
Victor Drujiniu knows how to do likenesses! The art is clean and sharp, just the way I like them. Of course, the fact I like these pencils means they'll probably choose another artist.
Well, that and the fact that they've chosen another artist (as the article says). It's possible they knew ahead of time that you'd like it though quantumac.

ETF one of the dumber speeling mistakes i've made in a while. "They new" ? Really ? As opposed to "They old" ? *sigh*

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Well, I've never seen these before, so I'm glad this was posted. It's interesting to see what they rejected, though I can't see why. It looks great. The Buffy full body is very S1...with bigger boobs.
The Spike and Angel likenesses are great (in some panels it looks like Angel's got his early Season 5 hair, ha! :P), his Faith is excellent, but I do agree his Buffy seems a bit younger. I wish the submission had worked more on capturing her mature look (Season 5-7 with more emphasis on 7).

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I like the artwork very much. Very appealing.

The artist seems to to have looked about stills from different seasons, though. The one sheet seems to show a season 2 Buffy.

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