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December 16 2010

Top five Angel episodes. What are your picks?

My picks would probably be;

(In no particular order)

1. Not Fade Away
2. Reprise
3. Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?
4. Spin the Bottle
5. Shells

Honourable mentions go to; Five by Five, IWRY, Epiphany, Waiting in the Wings, Sanctuary, Salvage, Deep Down, Home, Damage, You’re Welcome, Reunion, Darla.

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No particular order:

1. Waiting in the Wings (if not the best episode of the series, it's the most beautiful; the most artistic)
2. You're Welcome
3. Power Play/Not Fade Away
4. A Hole in the World/Shells
5. Salvage/Release/Orpheus (the Faith/soulless Angel storyline of season 4)

Honorable mentions: Sleep Tight, Hero, Reunion, Lullaby.

I cheated a little :)

It's so hard to rate episodes of this show, though. Regardless of what most fans think, I think Angel is Joss' best creation. Of all of his shows, Angel was the one that was the most consistently good.
5 isn't enough, not by a long, long chalk but here goes...

1. Not Fade Away
2. Reprise/Epiphany (cheat but without the other both are lessened IMO)
3. A Hole in the World/Shells (see above ;)
4. Spin the Bottle
5. Damage

And man was it hard to leave "Sanctuary", "You're Welcome", "Power Play" and "Darla" (among many others) off the list.
1. A Hole in the World / Shells
2. Power Play / Not Fade Away
3. You're Welcome
4. Spin the Bottle
5. Smile Time
Impossible for me to do the list thingy, but I am amazed how I started to grin when I read about Smile Time and then teared up when reading the description for A Hole in the World. The connection is so strong even now to those stories. And I echo the sentiment - why the hell was this show canceled.
Always a hard choice to pick only 5. Let's try ( in order )

1- Not Fade Away
2- I Will Remember You
3- Lullaby/ Sleep Tight
4- A Hole In The World
5- Waiting in the Wings

Plus : Smile Time, You're welcome, Spin the Bottle, City of, Reprise/Epiphany, Tomorrow, Darla, Soulless, Home, Power Play, The Magic Bullet, Life of the Party, Orpheus....... Too many to chose !
Mine in order of airing.

1)City Of
2)I Will Remember You
3)FIve By Five
4)Are You Now Or Have You Ever been
Can't resist a list :) In order by season:

> Five by Five/Sanctuary (this really was a two-parter)
> Darla
> Reunion
> Damage
> A Hole in the World

Really hard to leave out, also by season: Forgiving, Billy, Deep Down, Convictions.
Five by Five
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

And: Reprise, Deep Down, You're Welcome, Destiny, Origin and Not Fade Away
I always find it hard to do this for Angel because I think more than Buffy, Angel is needed as a whole - I'll give it a shot though:

- I Will Remember You
- Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
- Five by Five/Sanctuary (some of the best Angel stuff, imo)
- Not Fade Away
- Smile Time

It's hard to leave out "A Hole In The World", "Darla" and a lot of the Pylea stuff though. Hmm...
5. Birthday/Tomorrow (tie)
4. Waiting in the Wings
3. Awakening - The most crushing twist of any episode in the Buffyverse.
2. Not Fade Away - Could a series have a more fitting ending? Well, Six Feet Under's was just as amazing, but still.
1. You're Welcome - I can't even watch this episode anymore because it brings me such grief.

Season 5 of that show just blows my mind. And yet Cordelia is my favorite character. Such a fascinating girl.
I'll try my hand at this list thing:

1. "City Of"- It set up the whole tone of the show rather nicely and Angel's "Can you fly?" was one of the best character moments in both shows. Vampire with the big brass testes indeed.

2. "I Will Remember You"- This was the fairy tale moment that all Buffy/Angel fans waited for. We got them cuddling in bed and eating ice cream together for goodness sake, only to have Angel set up his pattern for heroic sacrifice.

3. "Smile Time"- "Wee little puppet man!"- that's all I think I need to say about that.

4. "Are You now or Have You Ever Been"- This episode was fantastic, the flash backs, how it was directed, everything. Plus it was nice to see a past Angel that wasn't living in the gutters yet. Not to mention all the metaphors were nicely set up without being heavy handed.

5. "Not Fade Away"- Honestly, this episode of Angel made me cry more than even "A Hole In the World". Perhaps because Wes was my favorite character other than Angel himself. However the moment Illyera asked, "May I lie to you now?" and his answer . . . I was in big sobbing tears.

Notable Mentions: "Five by Five", "Darla", "Hole in the World", "Billy", "Souless".
I think there should be 2 Categories

I am grownup & "I not going to cry":
I will remember,hole, you're welcome, Hero, shells

"I loves me some Funny" :
Smile Time, The Girl in Question, Lorne's home dimension Eps,, Spin the Bottle.
While I love every episode on the list (I Will Remember You was the episode that officially hooked me on all things Whedon), how can this list not have any episodes from season 2? And yes, season 2 was my favorite, followed closely by season 5. Honestly, the latter half of season 2 is some of the best television I've ever seen.

As for listing my top five episodes ... impossible. I can't do it. There are just too many. Now, if it was a list of my five *least favorite* episodes, that'd be a different story. I'd list "Why We Fight" at least three times.
A Hole in the World
Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?
Waiting in the Wings
Apocalypse Nowish
1. A Hole in the World
2. Dead End (Lindsey and his evil hand!)
3. Destiny (most epic Spike/Angel fight EVER)
4. I will remember you (soooo sad)
5. Not Fade Away

I'm surprised there's not more love for Destiny and Dead End. Those two are amazing.
This is my list:
You're Welcome
Waiting in the Wings
Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?
City of

but may I add To Shanshu in LA, Somnambulist, Dear Boy, Offspring, Quickening, Lullaby, Damage...

And I Agree with you,Jesse. For me too Angel is Joss' best creation (and Greenwalt's!). Too bad he's trying to destroy him in s8...
A listing opportunity! I'm there.

Sleep Tight
Spin the Bottle
Smile Time
A Hole in the World

If we were to widen to a top ten, add Are You Now or Have You Ever Been, Waiting in the Wings, Home, Destiny, Not Fade Away.
In no particular order (except #1), and applicable for TODAY ONLY:

A Hole in the World
You're Welcome
Spin the Bottle
Apocalypse Nowish (excepting the last 30 seconds)
Five by Five

There are two episodes in the Buffyverse that I always feel slightly ashamed to not like: "I Only Have Eyes for You" from Buffy and "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" from Angel. Everybody's comments above reminded me of the second one and how I wish I could like it more. Does anyone else ever feel that way about certain episodes, or is it just me? Haha.

"I Only Have Eyes For You" isn't really one of my favorites; I don't hate it, but it's just one of those episodes I could take or leave. As for "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been," it's one of those episodes I didn't really care for at first, but each time I see it, I like it more and more.
BethS, I kinda feel that way about 'Smile Time', 'A Hole in the World' and from Buffy 'Normal Again'. I don't hate any of them (well, maybe NA) but I'd probably rank them as 'good' rather than 'great'.
As other people pointed out, Angel was a really solid show. Often the best moments weren't on what would be considered the best episodes. I'm thinking of the burger loa (awesome idea and execution), Lindsey's "evil hand" monologue, or when Holtz talks about the body of his dead child weighing almost nothing.

I agree with Tumnus about "Destiny" having the most epic fight. Not just well choreographed action, but the emotional fight going on at the same time brought it to another level.

I have a soft spot for "The Trial". Angel goes through the physical wringer, then the emotional wringer... and then the writers twist the dagger at the end. The look of despair while Angel was being restrained made me appreciate what Boreanaz brought to the table.

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1. Lineage
2. Destiny
3. Not Fade Away
4. Waiting in the Wings
5. I Will Remember You

Wesley was always my favorite - he had the best arc in my opinion. While all the others were busy learning about their part in the grand scheme in the things, he was busy trying to figure himself out. On purpose. Gotta respect that.
Wesley's most badass moment ever was in Lineage. Shooting his "father" dead for threatening Fred. Good pick.
Ok. That's difficult. (A lot harder than with Buffy.)

1. "Not Fade Away"
2. "I've Got You Under My Skin" (a great early chance for Wes to shine)
3. "Reunion" (because I had to pick something to represent Angel's brilliant S2 arc)
4. "Loyalty" (idem for the arc of S3 - apparantly not universally loved, but one of my favorite season arcs in the Whedonverse)
5. "Couplet" (because as the Groosalugg I really had to have one episode with Groo in it, didn't I? Plus it's a great ep.)
I like the Faith episodes, the alternate dimension episodes, and the Gina Torres episodes.
Those episodes listed in the article are usually the crowd pleasers (including me) but as I often watch Angel reruns (TNT reruns the show over and over) in the early morning while breakfasting, I notice little things that show the advancement of relationships. For instance, this morning was Season 1, To Shanshu in L.A. in which Cordelia is buying art supplies for Angel so he'll have a hobby (snort) and a demon hired by W&H curses her with an overload of insane visions. Angel rushes to the hospital and charges into the emergency room:

DOCTOR: Try another five mils of Ativan. (Angel enters) Hey, you can't be in here.

ANGEL: What happened?

DOCTOR: Are you family?


The dialogue alone doesn't convey with what conviction Angel says yes. Later on, he tells Gunn: These people mean a lot to me (Cordy and Wesley).

Really nice touches.
1. Five by Five - Eliza is heart-wrenching in this. Hands down, my favorite episode.
2. I Will Remember You - I can't watch this an not cry
3. You're Welcome - Charisma was never better
4. Not Fade Away - Worth it for Wesley and Illyria alone
5. Spin the Bottle - SOOOO hilarious

HMs - She for Angels whacko dancing and Lonely Hearts for introducing me to VAST
Not Fade Away
Are You Now or Have You Ever Been
You're Welcome

(Bonus: Spin the Bottle, Smiletime, Five by Five, The Magic Bullet, Deep Down, Home, Salvage, Waiting in the Wings, Shells, Destiny and now I'm just listing like crazy.)
1. Not Fade Away
2. Forgiving
3. Reprise
4. Lullaby
5. Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been?

Hon. mentions (chron. order): City Of..., Five By Five, Darla, Reunion, Waiting In The Wings, Loyalty, Sleep Tight, Deep Down, Soulless & Shells.
There are so many so good ...
My possible (not definitive) top five, 1 for each season:

Sanctuary (s1e19)
Untouched (s2e4)
Waiting in the Wings (s3e13)
Home (s4e22)
Smile Time (s5e14)
This actually is tougher than Buffy, which is weird, cause I definitely love Buffy more. I think it's probably cause I've thought about my Buffy list more often.

Anyway, here goes:

5) Five By Five
4) Sleep Tight
3) Reunion
2) Not Fade Away
1) A Hole In The World

I really like the way they describe A Hole In The World--as the bleakest ep, even moreso than The Body. And it is. I can think of nothing sadder I've ever seen in a fictional TV show or movie than Fred's death. I think The Body is maybe the best thing Joss has ever done, but AHITW kills me. Kills me. Wesley's death in NFA is nothing to sneeze at either, which is part of why that comes next.

So happy I recently started a rewatch and just finished the first season. So excited about what's to come!
Just to be a bit different

Five By Five
Guise Will be Guise
Through The Looking Glass
Ground State

(Wish I could do it by character)

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