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December 16 2010

James Marsters December Q and A. This month's questions range from saying "no", preference of theatre technique, and anything of sentimental value.

Once again James Marsters proves he's a very sensible fellow (i.e. I agree with most of what he says ;).

(although forgiveness is a human idea too - in yer face Pope ! ;) - and I don't agree that justice is ultimately unobtainable - if people feel justice has been obtained then it's been obtained, that's part of it being a human idea. In the same way that if someone genuinely forgives another person then that person is genuinely forgiven, otherwise, not)
The problem in both forgiveness and justice, is that it's mostly emotional, that is: not rationalized. One could argue that, in that sense, neither can be ever obtained; because there'll always be somebody who doesn't feel forgiven (or forgiving); or who disagrees that justice has been done (who, for example, would have wanted a higher or a different sentence). Etcetera.

(how's that for an off-topic...)
Well, we're talking about what he said, seems on-topic to me ;).

In reality I agree Puck (particularly once the apparatus of state - legal systems etc. - become involved), you can't usually please all of the people all of the time. But it's pretty easy to imagine a situation where there's one aggrieved party and one perpetrator and the perpetrator either gets what both consider to be a proportionate punishment or is forgiven by the victim and feels they were sincere. I.e. it's not necessarily the case that justice/forgiveness is unobtainable, it's not true in principle IMO, it's just really likely to be the case (justice and forgiveness are possible but not easy in other words).
This really is a profound interview.

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