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December 16 2010

Buffy the Vampire Slayer heads to Portland State University. Remember last month when an entry was posted about the university class "Exploring 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'" in Portland? Well you can now read an interview with the person who is teaching the class.

When I was in college we used to have syllabi on the school website sometimes, but I couldn't find it for this one. It would be interesting to see.

One of my favorite film courses in college was a Hitchcock class. We got to watch 1-2 of his films per week on the big screen and his daughter came at the end of the semester to answer questions. It was really cool to study the evolution of his career and look at certain themes in his work.

I totally get this class and I wish it had been offered at my school. :-)
This is just my bias, but to me pop culture is one of the best ways to introduce heavy topics like feminism or philosophy in general to the average college student. I know that when I've had classes that use film or television to introduce those topics, I've retained the information a lot better. So kudos to Ms. Higginbotham (and all of the other professors that have taught things Whedon) on her shiny choice of subjects. ;)
My daughter is transferring to Portland State just in time, it seems! Pacific University has a Popular Culture class that showed and discussed Welcome to the Hellmouth for the first day of class and a later session was devoted to Dr. Horrible.
Academic Buffy always makes me happy. :_)
Now this is one class Buffy would get an 'A' in for sure.
This is a very good interview, and Allison sounds like a perfect candidate to make this happen, and happen properly.

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