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December 16 2010

Enver Gjokaj cast in USA pilot. Enver Gjokaj and Nick D'Agosto were cast as the leads in the USA pilot "Eden".

Enver will play Eddie, a con artist who works as a concierge at a NYC hotel.

Enver as a lead, that's exciting!
I like USA! I like Enver! I like con artists! I am so very interested in this!
WOOHOO, GO ENVER! Hope the show is as much fun as Psych or White Collar :)
I've been waiting on this! I hope the show is as amazing as Enver is.
This is great preliminary news for Enver! Everyone needs to remember that this is only a pilot so it may never actually be a series. I know, I'm a broken record, but USA may not pick this up.
This is awesome! He's the lead, and he plays a con-man -- which I'm pretty sure he's going to be good at. And its on USA, which means if it's pulls in the ratings, it's gonna be on for a looong time.
Yes! Hands down, the best station for an actor to have a show on. USA does right by their shows, and comes up with some great series for fans!
Yay Enver! Good for him!
Excellent, cons could call for all kinds of different situations. That range should not go to waste.
That's great, also considering how his co lead is also pretty great too. I know he had a bit part in Heroes as some fly boy apparently, but he also had a teeny role in The Office and was also part of the pretty great ensemble cast in Rocket Science.

I'm still a little fuzzy on the premise though, is only the younger guy actually working at the hotel while Enver runs logistics?
Finally, the one actor in the world who could sell me on a show by his presence alone has one to sell me on. Yankee Alpha Yankee!
Yes! I am psyched for Enver and looking forward to this greatly!

(I know it's just a pilot at the moment but I'm trying to think posiitvely :)
It's a pilot on USA Network. I've never heard of them NOT being picked up. They have a great team on that network, and are dedicated to strong, scripted dramas with compelling characters.
USA network has NOT picked up plenty of pilots. Aphrodite Jones, Break in, Daylight Robbery, Kung Pow, Mob Wives, Ms. Tree, Street Justice, Wilder, Love Report, Mystery Mansion, Before the Fact, Born & Made, Confidence, Curb Appeal, The Mad, The Bad and the Innocent, Mutt Makeover, Smoke& Mirrors, If the South Won the Civil War, The Capper, EBaums World, Turf, Operating Instructions. Eden is not at all guaranteed. Better chances than network, but not at all a guarantee.
I'm a fan of USA style of shows, and hopefully this will be picked up for series, and also a big fan of Enver. Hope this works out.
This makes me delirious. I've never been anything other than riveted when Enver's been on my TV. That man has what we like to call The Talent.

And this sounds like the perfect role (other than Victor) for him to show his literally unbelievable range, as Sunfire points out.
'Bout bloody time, talent like that shouldn't sit on the subs bench.

('Locke and Key' doesn't interest me much but the pilot was written by Josh 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Friedman so I may well check it out)
wow. hot leads. hot leads indeed.
I was about to make a comment about how Enver is much older than Nick, until IMDB informs me that Nick actually has a good two years on the wonderful Mr. Gjokai. How odd.

Anyway, this sounds great for Enver - certainly sounds like he'll get a good chance for a wide range of "characters", so to speak. Fingers crossed for a pickup.
Congratulations, Enver (if you are reading this)! I'm greatly looking forward to this!
Agreed, Enver would make a perfect con artist, he can utilize his acting range. So looking forward to this.

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