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December 16 2010

Summer Glau Turns Crimefighter for The Cape. IGN talks to Summer Glau about her role on the upcoming crime-fighter drama as well as about what it's been like to have been on a tv show with a solid audience impact.

And would someone pretty please tell me where I can sign up for Circus School?

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San Francisco, Philly, Seattle, New York, Toronto - there's lots out there these days.
Yes, but it's the schools I'm talking about. ;)
Can a show that hasn't premiered yet have "a solid audience impact?" Also, my brother knew someone who, after getting an engineering degree from MIT, decided to go to circus school. Her parents were not happy.
I really love how Summer always appreciates her past work and her fans. I'll be watching The Cape.
Yeah, it's in my bailiwick anyway, add Summer and i'll be checking it out fer sure.

Can a show that hasn't premiered yet have "a solid audience impact?"

That's referring to her previous shows surely Invisible Green (where they talk about impassioned fandoms) ?

(and hey, at least your brother's friend got her degree, if I were her that's how i'd sell it to mum and dad i.e. she didn't quit a term before graduation and if she ever gets bored of the circus i'd imagine people will still need MIT engineering graduates)
I was sort of turned off by the promotional images of the show even if Summer is in it. That said, I had no idea she went to circus school which sounds like bizarre fun.
I think engineering expertise would fit quite well within a circus environment myself! That might just be me though.

Oh wait, yes, Whedonverse. Yep - will definitely be watching The Cape, I've been a bit awol has it been picked up UK side at all?
I'm taking the NBC promotions with a grain of salt. They probably aren't giving us the proper "feel" for how the show will be. For example, there was this show on Fox I avoided watching because they made it look like (alternately) a Star Trel rip-off, or some kind of 'punk rock space opera'. It turns out that Firefly was neither of these.
... has it been picked up UK side at all?

Not AFAIK but it looks like the sort of thing Fiver or Five USA might grab if it's not on one of the ITVs. Or Viva which, despite showing stuff like "Punk'd" and 'Jackass', has somewhat less explicably started airing 'Community' over here (not that i'm complaining, it's an excellent new comedy - best in years IMO - and over the last few episodes it's gone from "just" a comedy with a heart to potentially reaching MASH levels of greatness and versatility, if it's given the chance).
Thanks Saje - I shall keep my eyes open!

And Community is excellent, couldn't agree more!

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