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December 17 2010

Alexis Denisof to return to 'How I Met Your Mother'. Alexis is apparently returning as Sandy Rivers early next year.

Danny Strong playing Marshall's childhood bully is going to be hilarious, if only because you can fit three Dannys into one Jason Segel.
WOW did I ever not recognize the Mayor as Ted's stepfather! Even staring at his picture now, I can hardly see it.
I'm very excited about the return of Sandy Rivers, he is my second favorite TV newsman (my favorite is, of course, Ted Baxter). I'm glad to see that HIMYM has so much fun planned for the new year!
God, I've missed SANDY!
I just got into HIMYM via dvd, (much like I came into Buffy in its last season via reruns) and Sandy Rivers is so sleazy! Only seeing Alexis as Wesley, aside from his small spot on Dollhouse, i found his sleazy anchor guy both disarming and hysterical.
Awesome news! I've been waiting for Sandy's return ever since he left.
I don't watch the series but might have to check him out. I bet he enjoys working with Alyson...they seemed to be having fun during her Angel guest spot. I still have the newspaper article about it lol
Loved Aly and Alexis in Angel, when Willow came to visit. They played off each other very well.
That is awesome news! Anything with Alexis Denisof = WIN.
man this made my day!
Sorry, Willow-Wesley moments (after 1999) and Lily-Sandy moments always make me feel I'mm seeing something I have no business seeing.

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