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December 17 2010

Buffy Summers quiz on sporcle. As well as the quiz to name the Buffy episodes, Sporcle now has a test of your knowledge of the vampire slayer.

Got them all except for Buffy's motto, which was embarassingly obvious in hindsight. Alas.
Fun game. Better than most Buffy-centric quizzes I've seen.
I got them all except her cousin's name and her childhood idol (couldn't remember the surname, dammit). Pretty fun. I think they gave you too much time though!
I forgot her cousin's name as well.

Missed her cousin and her childhood idol.

I maintain that I should have gotten the point for her motto because I did "seize the moment", which is the actual line from the episode, and so it didn't occur to me to rephrase it.
Ummmmmm... I should never take quizzes like this.
That was fun, but "aneurysm" is surprisingly difficult to spell!
Got most of them. Forgot the name of her stuffed pig, her childhood idol, and her motto.
I got lucky that "sunnydale" worked for both the address and the high school, because I lucked into Revello Drive which I wouldn't have remembered!
The only one I couldn't work out was her first watcher. I don't remember much about the movie.
Got them all.... I was actually getting really nervous when I couldn't remember how to spell Dorothy Hamill's last name (missed an 'l'... d'oh).

Nice test, really enjoyed that.
God, I've watched the show way too many times... Aced, though her idol and cousin took a minute to remember.
Gave up when I had to spell anyeurysm...and I still can't spell it.
I couldn't spell aneurysm either. Grr.And I totally forgot the cousin...which would have reminded me of the hospital thing...Oh well, fun little quiz! :)
Also couldn't spell aneurysm. Thank god for Google Chrome's spell check, though.

Got all but the cousin.
Grr... Aargh! I'm such a Buffy-failure. I missed eight. Though really it was only seven, since I missed "Mother's cause of death" because I couldn't figure out how to spell "aneurysm," but I knew it, so I'm counting it for me.

I almost knew her first watcher. I was thinking, "I know it starts with 'M.' 'Mandrake'? No. 'Merkin'? 'Mrecky'? 'Mervyn's'? Damn." So I missed it. :(

And I couldn't frickin' think of the word "protector." "Class Hero" and "Class Savior" I thought, but never "Class Protector." I guess I know what I'm rewatching this holiday break. :)
41/42. Missed her motto. Put down a fair few, but didn't get round to "fish of the day".
The only idol I could think of is Brian Boitanno mentioned in "Helpless"
For some reason I thought her idol was Peggy Fleming...
yay i got them all. i will admit, i was typing in the motto a bunch of times before it took, but i managed to figure it out. nice quiz
Hmm, source: Buffy wiki.

Not the best place to get answers, it's a wiki after all.

Got 39, but think it should be 40. I can't believe I didn't get the right answer for "puppets"! The episode was called "The puppet show", why would it only accept dummie?

And I kept writing Cecilia instead of Celia. I got so mad at the thing, I thought I was right, lol.

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37 out of 42... Alright I guess...
41/42....I couldn't spell her cousin's name right. Grr, argh.

Got the crush, fear, idol, cousin and halloween costume wrong. The only fear I remember was her being afraid of being turned into a vamp. The cousin and fifth grade crush as on the tip of my tongue. The costume and idol, I had no idea.
It wouldn't take watchers' council for me because i didn't get that apostrophe in the right place. Alas. Thus, 5 missed. I got Dorothy Hamill and aneurysm though! But not Celia or dummies or fish of the day. Plus something else...?? oh yeah red riding hood. Freshman in college! I kept trying to think what she was before a princess and getting confused.
Is it just me, but did anyone else have trouble with it? Once I got to cause of Joyce's death it froze.
Count me in among those who had trouble spelling "Aneurysm" and "Hamill" and "Merrick". Missed her fifth grade crush. (I could remember the episode, but not his name.)
Would have got them all if I knew how to spell "Hamill" and "aneursym"! The only one that really made me pause was her cousin's name. It took me a while to remember that.
Couldn't get the fear- kept trying for variations of being vamped.
I was pretty impressed that I typed Carpe Diem into the motto one and it worked even though the answer that showed up was in English!
Annoying. I hit return and it ended the game and filled in the answers. Grrrrr.

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