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December 20 2003

See a couple of scenes from Chance. The DP of the movie has put up a nice collection of scenes from the Amber Benson movie. Including a few scenes with James Marsters as Simon. Also contains strong language.

Ok ther is something wrong with Tara cusing ... but Amber's got the cusing thing down :)

Anyone know where I can get a copy of this? Looks hilarious.
Gingeriffic, you can go to the Chance website and "buy" a poster or photo to get the dvd or video. Amber cannot technically sell copies of the movie due to union rules about distribution. It's about $45. plus shipping. A bit steep, but I believe Amber's doing this at cost basically to get the product out to the fans, while she continues to look for a decent distribution deal.

Website is here:

You can also see many screencaps of it here:

I saw Chance at Moonlight Rising last year. It's very good for the shoestring budget and James and Andy are especially good in this. Amber as director/writer is actually better than as Chance but obviously she might've had a little too much on her plate at the time, trying to do everything. It's very funny and sexy and it's a hoot to see AH, AB, and JM doing such different roles.
You can get it through Because of union rules that would require AB to backpay (large sums of money to) everyone who worked on the movie, she can't sell it. But she is selling pictures/posters to promote the movie, and you get a "free" copy of the movie. From interviews with other actors, they've seemed quite pleased that she's getting the movie distributed, so buyers shouldn't be worried that she's cheating anyone. It was a volunteer gig to help her promote her work.

The cost is $45US plus ($6-10) shipping and handling. You can combine multiple orders to save on S&H. It's not cheap, but the people I know who have bought the movie because they want to see their favourites in action have not regretted it.

ETA: Oops. As I was checking my numbers, punkinpuss got in before me. I guess double the info won't do any harm.

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I had the opportunity to see Chance last September at the Sidewalk Festival in Birmingham, Alabama, which is Amber's hometown. She spent the weekend at the fesitval and (lucky me) I actually got to meet her... she gave me a hug and thanked me for supporting the film.

The film was very well-received by the audience I viewed it with. And I enjoyed it a lot myself. I got my hands on an autographed Chance poster too. It's v. cool and was designed by Amber's sister as was the artwork you'll see if you get to watch the film.

I was impressed by the film and thought the time spent viewing it was time well spent!
I know people are gonna think I am biased :-) but Chance was a really fun movie to watch, highly recommended. I can think of half a dozen heavily marketed "commercial" movies this year that were dull compared to Chance.

I didn't know about the "union rules" that really sucks. No wonder independant film makers have such a hard time getting public attention. But I look forward to Amber's next project!
I didn't know about the "union rules" that really sucks. No wonder independant film makers have such a hard time getting public attention

It's not that she can't sell the movie, it's that if she makes any money from it then she is required to pay those involved. As long as she still doesn't make any profits on the sale, no one's likely to start up a legal battle, but she still needs to play by the rules.

If I understand it correctly, she certainly could have gone a cheaper route, she just wouldn't have been able to make use of the actors and crew she knew from the sets. It sounds pretty fair; if you make money then those who worked for you should make money too. The complication came because those who she worked with are all experienced and professionals who require a higher scale of pay.

For those who want to learn more about the movie, there's a great article at City of Angel on Summer Film Festivals featuring stories about Chance and other film festivals. To give an idea of how long Chance has been in production, the article appeared in July of 2001.

Actually, the second part of the Summer Film Festivals article has this quote from Mere Smith regarding The Enforcers:
ďOne of the conditions that SAG lays on you when you sign up for a signatory status is,Ē Mere explained, ďif youíre shooting it for an experimental film which means that itís extremely low budget, youíre not paying your actors anything. Basically if you make any money on the film what-so-ever you have to pay your actors exactly what they were due and weíre talking 10ís of thousands of dollars. So I canít make any money off of this, which means I canít sell it at festivals, I canít do anything with it.Ē

Hope that helps.
Chance is a great first movie. Amber shines in it and James Marsters and Andy Hallet are a joy to watch on screen.
I don't know if you've noticed but if you go to the cinematographer's actual homepage there are also pictures of James and Amber I had never seen before. Just thought I would share.
If you go to the main page: WWW.MYDP.COM then either pick the FEATURE link for scenes or the BEHIND THE SETS link for cool pictures. Neat !!!!

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