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December 18 2010

What are the values expressed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer? If enough people fill out the survey, we could get a really good insight into how fans view the show.

They couldn't have done it in a survey format?
Agreed. If you can be bothered to respond to that then you're a more patient soul than I, very awkward format.
Survey format? How do I do that? I'll post one as an update to the blog to make it easier.
Use Survey Monkey or another free online survey service.
Survey Monkey is really nice, it's easy to set up and will give you summary statistics too. But the free version limits you to 10 questions and 100 responses, it might be too limited for this. Google Docs has a survey feature but I haven't used it much, and it was kind of annoying when I did.
I'm on it. I'm going to start with kwiksurveys, on the advice of the web mistress, who wants to know why I didn't ask her about this before I posted...
With some hand-holding, I've succeeded in creating my first online survey:

It's also been added to the blog page. And we're posting it on twitter and facebook.
Consider me surveyed. And without any fava beans or chianti involved ;).

(cheers for going the extra mile to make it easier roguerouge)
Wow! That was one intense survey! Or was that just me? It's those damn additional comments sections that get me every time!
And cheers to all of You! That's 56 surveys already in a few hours. That's amazing...

If we get enough surveys, we'll be able to have some valid data on what the whedonesque section of the world thinks the values of the series are...
Survey completed, I hope I was helpful... I'm not always sure I saw things the same way other people did.
Survey done. Avoided the comments not because I didn't have anything to add but because once I start, honestly, I don't know if I can summarize down to "comments" and I already have issues sleeping...
Um, with the comments, I wasn't quite sure what you were looking for, I mean do I comment on where/how such and such a thing was portrayed in the show or is it just in case I want to clarify certain parts?
I did the survey so that's fine. But then I noticed on the Buffy rewatch entry that the competition for worst episode ever was between bad eggs and beer bad. I object! Beer Bad was good fun. And surely there were many season 6 and 7 episodes that were worse than bad eggs!
Did the survey, which was harder to fill out than I'd thought it would be. Especially the emotional support ones, since I thought the emotional support changed from season to season.
Yeah, I could have even done that stuff episode to episode. I was pretty indecisive about it all.
@digupherbones: Comments are there for whatever you want to use them for. I want to be as neutral and open about this as possible. It's really about what you find in the series.

@Squishy: Of course, both episodes have the word "bad" in the title, which may be biasing our competition. I really look forward to that week, as there's probably a book to be found in people defending the merits of various "Worst Episode Ever"s. In any case, it will make for an excellent comments thread on Niki's blog.
Hunh. Now I feel like a pioneer who slogged through the mud, the blood, and the beer to get to the top of the mountain, only to see hundreds of people show up in buses.
Completed it - interested to see the results!
Will you be posting the results here? Interesting survey!
Interesting survey. I was really pleased to see
"Tangible assistance support [providing the recipient with financial assistance, products, and or gifts]" as a question. I always wondered why Giles and Xander were the ones that had to pay for everything. I know in the later seasons Buffy got a job at the Double Meat Palace and then as a counselor but why did Willow never get a job? Or Tara? They lived in Buffy and Dawns house, so when things started to go wrong financially, why didn't they help out? They both had more education than Xander since they went to college so I'm sure they could have worked somewhere.

Sorry if that seemed rant-y but I always found it odd that the people with the least amount of college experience (Xander and Anya) would have the most successful careers.
@squishy: Nikki's the one who's putting on the

Of course, internet spelling on my part...

@cabri: heh. sorry about that....

@battlefieldchick: The results will be posted at the blog for watcher junior:
but why did Willow never get a job? Or Tara? They lived in Buffy and Dawns house, so when things started to go wrong financially, why didn't they help out? They both had more education than Xander since they went to college so I'm sure they could have worked somewhere.
Agreed. Doing the survey certainly made me reflect on some of the values present in the show.

But, argh! What a long, long, intense survey.
Heh, I think Anya's 1000 years of living might trump any college education one could fit into an average human lifespan (though she still needed training in how to behave human after living as an apparently pretty carefree demon for the vast majority of her life. And while she might've had street smarts, been well-traveled and worldly, and thought she knew humanity through her particular "patron-saint-of-scorned-women" lens, she might not've been very book-smart 'cause it probably wasn't important in her line of work).

Not unreasonable that those with the least amount of college experience (or none, in Xander's case, and presumably Anya's) would appear to be the most successful career-wise. We only got to see the beginning of the gang's 20s. If Willow and Tara had graduated (and if Tara had lived), who knows how successful they might've been (and Willow may still be. Personally I'd trade all the education in the world to ). Xander and Anya only appear to be more successful because they got an earlier start in the working world while Willow and Tara were busy with school.

Of course, the measure of success is entirely subjective. If you don't reach the heights of Bill Gates' fortune and business satisfaction, but you're perfectly happy and fulfilled working your retail job and able to comfortably support yourself [and your family, if you've started one], then aren't you still successful, by your own standards ?

Blue collar workers can often outpace the highly educated in terms of life satisfaction and/or personal assets.

Also, don't forget Giles. Dunno if he ever mentioned going to university, but he seemed highly educated regardless and got to be both a Watcher (dunno how that'd pay), a librarian, and a shop owner. An exception among the main characters.

I wondered about Willow and Tara getting jobs in Season 6 (and Dawn for that matter--none of the gang worked in their three seasons of highschool, which was kinda weird[though probably written that way for the same reason we didn't see them in class more often or doing homework at home--would probably make for boring TV]...oh, I forgot about Cordelia at the women's clothing store, but that was only out of desperation. Tons of highschool kids--maybe most?--get jobs simply because money is fun to have and/or to save up for college or help support their families). On the surface, it seemed like the two kinda just bunked at the Summers' house and drained the finances, but then again, it's reasonable to take into consideration that they were looking after Dawn & the Buffybot, keeping up the ruse of Buffy still being alive to Hank and others for a few months, fighting monsters at night, all while still attempting to keep up with college. Can't say that they should've given up school to get jobs and be big sisters/mother figures to Dawn on a full time basis, 'cause there's no guarantee that sorcery would've paid their way through life.
I think it's easy to forget that the characters had to have jobs simply because it would serve the plot. Buffy's boots were always shiny, leathery and new- regardless of her financial troubles- and Willow wore a new outfit every episode. Any potential meaning is subject to the fact that 'Buffy' is a pretty glossy show, and doesn't necessarily reflect reality.
Why do TV shows often have characters in different outfits every episode ? Is there a good reason ? Aside from characters for whom a uniform makes sense (Spike, Angel, and Illyria got to wear the same things...cop & doctor dramas), it seems to be the norm in TV-land, with only the odd recurring outfit (I heard mention that some of the guys' comic book character shirts on Big Bang Theory have shown up two or three times).

Given 22 episodes per season, I don't think it's that unrealistic that Buffy and company were dressed differently all the time. Lotsa folks have a rotating wardrobe, regardless of income (my sister often shops at thrift shops to add to her closet--but she's also into sewing and alterations and whatnot). Not all that into clothes myself, but I know many women and a few dudes who are.
I dood it. I started out doing comments (and a quote or two ; > ) but by the end I was all commented out. (I actually think the number of questions should be mentioned in the survey intro, as it would have helped me to decide *when* I could best fill it out thoroughly...)

And yeah, one of the tricky parts was answering them for the whole run of the show, while some stuff varied from season to season...

That said, it was a pretty thorough and thoughtful survey...

(BTW, there's no getting away from the fact that BtVS basically presented comfortable middle-class people in a Hollywood way - i.e., stylish and un-affordable clothes, and only occasional references to "where does our money come from?" That's TV, for the most part...)

OK, I really need to go lie down now. ; >

ETF: typo

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Whose IRB approved this? Or was it exempt?

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