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December 18 2010

Haley Pullos cites Joss in funny on set moment. Child guest star on Dollhouse (episode 1, Ghost) describes a sweet and funny moment with Joss.

What has been one of the funniest things to happen on set or backstage for one of your scenes?
Well, on the set of Dollhouse, Joss Whedon, the director, was telling me that he was a huge fan of the Simpsons. And, that day, we just happen to be filming in a sound stage that had the Simpsons characters decorating the outside of the building. So, at lunch, I went over to the Fox gift shop and bought Joss a baseball hat with a Duff Beer logo on it. When I gave it to Joss, he thanked me and said, "Oh, look a hat with a beer on it. I'd rather have a beer with a hat on it." Everyone around us started laughing and I did too, he's so funny. But what was really surprising was that the first assistant director told me that Joss doesn't really like to wear hats, but he wore my hat all that day.

Never had a chance to say this before, but I thought Haley was great in her ep. Aidar Tishler was also greatness.
I've seen Joss wear hats lots of times.
Thus begins the great hat debate of 2010.
That is so freakin' sweet. Another reason to love the Magnificent Bastard known as Joss Whedon! <3

(And, of course, she ROCKED IT on Ghost!)
"Thus begins the great hat debate of 2010."

But does he drink ? That's a Whedon factoid I've not learned and now only considered with the mention of the Duff hat. And what's his choice booze ? I can't see it being beer for some reason. Not that he'd refuse a beer, just that he seems like more of a wine or spirits consumer. Or if not that, mostly a non-drinker.
Aw, d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

This girl was so great in Ghost. And Joss is so sweet.

So much d'awww.
I've seen a Joss with a hat before! He just might not like it when directing, though.

And, obviously, she's amazing.
Just to add to the HUGELY important Great Hat Debate - I've seen photos of Joss directing (I think) Serenity in a big old hat, but I think they were on location in the sun, and you'd hafta be nuts not to have a hat on... especially with fair redhead skin.

And to the Great Alcohol Debate ; > - I think I've seen mention of Joss and white wine.

And I think I know too much about Joss and his hats and wine, so I'm going now. ; >

Haley was great in "Ghost". Very affecting and cry-making.
Sounds like a cool kid.
I find this site kind of creepy. Is it just me?

Although, Aphasia, I do agree with you about the site in general. Creeptastic.
"I find this site kind of creepy. Is it just me?"

I suppose it is a bit. The fact that a site is dedicated to child actors isn't really a bad thing (and it's actually probably good for their careers) but it does make me feel somewhat uncomfortable. I found the interview through a fan site dedicated to a character that plays her older sister on General Hospital and thought the Joss comment was cute.
That's adorable.
Yeah, I found the site a little creepy as well. I did enjoy the Joss comment though.

Also (and this is off topic) but I'm having a moment, and can't figure out how to create a post... and I read the "How To" page. I seriously feel like Xander when he though "google" was a sexual reference. Anyway, I just wanted to share that there's an original signed script of Lover's Walk on E-Bay. If someone wouldn't mind posting it for me (and helping my ignorance for future reference), I'd appreciate it. :) Here's the link: ...Yeah... I've got to figure this stuff out. Sooo not computer savvy. Thanks to whoever helps though.
Er, I'm pretty sure there's never been a Whedonesque link to Ebay before unless it was somehow involved in a charity (something usually sponsored by the professionals). Buffy stuff gets sold on Ebay all the time. Yeah, that's not getting linked, I'd wager, and if it does, it'd probably get deleted.
Well actually they'd link to the eBay sales of show merch from whatever quasi-official source connected to the productions.

And in other internety stuff, yeah I thought this website was a little weird on a couple of different levels. Mostly since I think it is sort of all about self-promotion, which may be just fine, it's just who seriously spells any plurals with a Z? For whatever reason my instinct is A: it's a parody or B: it's a trap!

Anyway, more relevantly, she was the kidnapped daughter right? She was properly pretty good, I honestly had no expectations she'd be the one something creepy would happen to, I was expecting it to fall on her dad. I sort of get the impression any time a moppet is prepped beforehand so they reasonably would not freak out, a lot of them kind of telegraph the twists in their performances.

Also it's nice that she would independently recall a Whedon story so far after she worked with him and it is a terribly sweet little story, but something makes me question the fact that this would be the funniest instance she could think of. Are sets not this hotbed of excitement and fun that I'd sort of imagine them to be? Am I just being a jerk for being judgmental about a child [and maybe crew]'s sense of humor?

I think I'm just inured to that whole Yakov Smirnof style turning of a turn of phrase joke (Here A Bs C, in Soviet Russia C Bs A!) since that's immediately the first thing my brain turns to and thus I wouldn't expect it to be too memorable.
@Epiphany77 Well I'm not a Mod so I can't tell you if an Ebay link qualifies as something that should be posted or not, but just so you know, at the very top of the page there is a button called "Post Story" and the first issue addressed on the "How To" provides a link to full instructions and diagrams on how to post.
When Joss was in Australia promoting Serenity, he went to a pub with a whole bunch of fans and was drinking.
Yeah but what ? That's the burning question.

Cute story and yep, she played the part well. Not so sure about the site though, I can imagine the wrong sort of people being way too into that sort of place (though it's also a bit sad that we see things in that light too).

GHD 2010: seen numerous photos of Joss wearing hats BUT when he's been outside which is surely more utilitarian than a fashion choice. I don't wear hats much either but as someone who's also both follically and melaninacally challenged, if I lived in California yer damn sure I would. Say no to cancer of the head kids !

GAD 2010: Joss seems more a wine/spirits drinker to me too but i've no idea why (I also think he'd be the "I'll drink what I like and damn the stares" sort too - Joss would order a Babycham with his head held high is what i'm saying). Jed strikes me as the beer fan of the two. Of the three Zack seems like he orders cornflakes with alcoholic milk in any pub he walks into and of the four Maurissa is surely a Newcastle Brown Ale drinker, just cos i'm the one making this shit up and that's my fantasy drink for her, OK ?!
Did this whole thread just take a real creepy turn?
Was that question a bit too cryptic to be answerable ?
Love you Joss! Cute story.
When peeps mentioned that they thought the site was creepy I thought they meant here. Made me giggle when I realised my mistake!

Pretty sure Joss drinks beer, pretty sure I've heard dancing in socks stories.

Cute story.
Since he enjoys mixing genres, maybe Joss drinks Lambic beer (not quite beer, not quite wine).
Maybe the site is creepy if adults frequent, but shouldn't kids have a place they can go to read about successful other kids?
Is that the sort of thing 8-10 year old kids actually do though, go to web sites to read interviews with "successful" kids ? Been a while since I was one admittedly but stuff like that wasn't high on my list of priorities. And don't kids already kind of know how to be successful kids ? I mean they seem to naturally have fun, make messes etc. without any help from the internet.

That's the creepy aspect for me, who exactly is it aimed at ? Kids themselves ? The millions of normal adults who're apparently interested in in-depth interviews with (and photos of) 8-10 year olds ? Cos i'm trying to imagine the thought process involved in seeing a child actor on a soap and thinking "Aww, cute kid. I think i'll go on the internet looking for pictures of him/her".

But as I say, it's also kind of a shame (assuming it's actually totally innocent and to be clear, we've absolutely no reason to assume otherwise) that those doubts occur to us.

ETA: Most of which (my doubts that is) are laid to rest by reading the website's FAQ. They seem totally on the up and up and like they take their responsibilities really seriously.

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I remember in the commentary for the Firefly pilot Joss said that all the villains on Firefly were supposed to wear hats, because he thinks they don't look good on him.
Joss drinking? Listening to the commentary of BTVS season 7 - Drew Goddard was talking about how he and Joss had an all night drinkathon while thinking up the story to "Selfless." Plus all those stories about drunken Shakespeare readings at his house. I'm pretty sure he doesn't just drink, but is really good at it!
I remember that Joss makes mention of the Duff Beer hat in his commentary for Ghost, but I don't think he mentions what he drinks. :)

(Wasn't that the commentary with Eliza when his stomach was audibly rumbling? I seem to remember that being a high point in the commentary.)
The site's borderline creepy, all that matters is that it seems to be well intentioned. Let's just stick to talking about hats.

ETA - the site I'm describing as "borderline creepy" is, of course, Whedonesque.

[ edited by daylight on 2010-12-20 03:50 ]
...the site I'm describing as "borderline creepy" is, of course, Whedonesque.

Borderline ?

(it's black ferchrissakes, the internationally recognised colour of creepy !)
Joss strikes me as a "girly drinks" kind of guy, not that there's anything wrong with that.
I agree, this is creepy. I would be pretty freaked to know there are people discussing what kind of drinks I like and my attitude towards hats on the internet. But then I guess I'm not famous. Wow. Being famous must be creepy.
The only thing I know Joss drinks, or maybe his family, is found in a snippet I saw somewhere of some fan allegedly finding his shopping list one day (how they knew it was his, I don't remember, maybe it was purloined - Gads, the case of the purloined grocery list!) and on it was: non-fat moo juice. I've cited this before somewhere, but that every day normalcy was kind of sweet.
Is non-fat like skimmed or semi-skimmed ? Because fully skimmed is way more creepy than semi, that's just an accepted fact. Ask anyone who agrees.
No, not creepy - healthy!
Yeah but health is creepy. Many serial killers are quite healthy for instance, fact ! Also Nazis !
The Joss shopping list spoof. The original link is gone, but I found its text here on, including:

"A grocery list written by “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon that made its way onto the Internet has become a cult hit, generating generating hundreds of thousands of hits. “It’s got that trademark Whedon wit,” said blogger Holly Morales, noting the “Serenity” writer/director wrote “diet moo juice” instead of “skim milk.” Tens of thousands of devoted Whedon fans have signed petitions and raised $2.5 million demanding that a studio turn “Joss’s Grocery List” into a television series by next fall."

; >
That's how I knew it was a spoof - as if Joss Hizzownself would drink the creepy milk. Pfft.
I like how the word "generating" is repeated - as if the word itself generated another copy of itself.

It's very meta of it... meta creepy.
It's alive, alive !

(whooshed past me that one, normally i'm OK at spotting those kinds of things but the old brain let the side down this time)

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