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December 19 2010

Take me out, to the black (hole), tell them I ain't comin' back. A well-made mash up in preparation for the next Fringe episode "Firefly". Created by 'The Fringe Network', a group of fans attempting to raise awareness of the show and gain new fans.

I love that they included the cow in the credits!!

Really nice. I hope it gets the show a few new fans.
Ha! Love that. Nice to see the cow.
Wait, that was awesome.
Nice, I can't get enough of those rejigged credits sequences, there're a few decent 'Doctor Who' one floating about (and a 'Torchwood' series 4 intro linked to this 'Fringe' one with Summer Glau in the cast which would've been amazing - though I found out the other day that Bill Pullman's actually in it which is also pretty cool).

Not watched 'Fringe' since about episode 5 but I hope it continues for the sake of its fans.
That's a cool mash up! Me likes.
I'll have to take a gander at the new Fringe ep. I've never seen the show.
I've always loved the opening credits for Firefly from the very first time I saw/heard them. Damn... sometimes that opening makes me cry... it's so beautiful and embodies the soul of the show...

Very cool to see the opening re-imagined for Fringe, and so well done too... and yeah, including the cow in the credits is awesome!

I watched some episodes of Fringe in the beginning, but somehow lost track of the show and didn't keep up with it. I'll definitely tune in for their Firefly episode though. I hope the show can beat the FOX Friday night time slot of death. If this Firefly/Fringe crossover helps the show, AND brings new attention and fans to Firefly, then that's double ultra cool... with sprinkles.
Watched the first few episodes of Season 1 when they aired, but then got caught up in other things.

Just finsihed watching Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD and enjoyed them greatly, ran through them a disc a night--just like I did with another infamous DVD set.

Worth watching.
This is utter perfection. And they included Gene in the credits!

You're missing out. It's gotten really really good.

This vid was tres cool. Hoping to heck that the audience follows Fringe to Friday. 'Twould be a shame to lose another excellent genre show.
Well, for me the ones I saw weren't great guidedby (the "scientific" solutions in particular annoyed me) but even though i've been spoiled for what would've been, i'd imagine, a pretty huge reveal at the end of season 1 I may well give it another chance sometime (especially since it seems at least possible that the pseudo-science is actually explained by that reveal).
@11th Hour: This is NOT - repeat NOT - a crossover. Fringe is an excellent show (and probably my favorite currently on air since Terriers is gone), but I don't want people tuning in thinking they're gonna see Firefly characters or something and ending up disappointed about that.
Wow, that was EXTREMELY well done. Kudos!
That's fair, Saje. I, for one, don't much care if the 'science' is good or even close to good. I suppose a show, or any show, would be even better if that stuff made more sense, but that's not why I watch. The twists and turns are exciting as hell, and the acting and character development is wonderful. That's enough for me. :-)
Yea, I enjoy Fringe so I don't want to oversell anything. Saje, I don't think it's changed that much. Sometimes what they do is grounded in some science, but in a lot of cases it's "science is magical." Honestly, it's a lot less procedural after the finale of S1, so it's not as big of an issue.

I put it in my mildly charming category of TV shows. I hope it survives because it would be nice to know that something of a true genre (unlike Lost's "genre on the sly") show can survive on network still.
Cheers azzers and guidedby for the balanced responses (sometimes fans can be a bit "This is the best thing ever, you MUST watch it !", done that myself ;). Must admit, I love characters and great performances but I also like puzzles so one of my pet peeves is when a procedural doesn't take the mystery (or its solution) seriously. To me that's the baseline upon which you build your characters, world etc. but a lot of "character based procedurals" seem to feel like it doesn't matter. That's why 'Fringe's extremely casual approach to science irked me and felt a bit like lazy storytelling to be honest (anyone can wave a magic wand - or a magic Walter in this case ;) - and pull a "solution" out of the air but it takes skill to make it flow believably from what went before, especially week in week out).

That said, if they changed the emphasis so it was pretty much exclusively a character based non-procedural then that might well change my take on the show.
SpendTheNightAlone posted -

@11th Hour: This is NOT - repeat NOT - a crossover. Fringe is an excellent show (and probably my favorite currently on air since Terriers is gone), but I don't want people tuning in thinking they're gonna see Firefly characters or something and ending up disappointed about that.

I think you read more into my post than was there. Read again, my reference to "crossover" had to do with the promotional aspects of this Firefly inspired Fringe episode. The special Fringe/Firefly opening credits definitely quality as crossover, and whether it will be used for the episode or not it's still an awesome promo piece. The article does mention a big campaign The Fringe Network is doing to bring awareness to the show... and if that campaign includes a lot of references to Firefly, then a nice boost of new attention will be given to the 'Verse too. I'm kinda a big fan of guerilla marketing by the way.

No where in my post did I say that I thought the episode would include Firefly characters, and I wasn't thinking it would. The episode itself is titled Firefly so maybe there might be some subtle references thrown in here and there that the fans will catch, or maybe not. I'm interested to see the episode because many people have commented on how much the show has improved... and if per chance there are Firefly Easter Eggs sprinkled here and there, well that will be cool.
Saje--I try not to be that kind of a fan whenever possible. I've been unable to avoid acting that way about The Wire, though. ;) If you can't/don't get that show, I feel sorry for you. And then I'll leave you alone about it.

Anyway, yeah the magic Walter solution can be a tad silly, but as others have pointed out, the show is much less procedural in nature at this point so maybe it wouldn't bother you as much.
Since season 2 was a vast improvement over season 1, and season 3 has so far really knocked it out of the ballpark, I am so hoping that the move to Friday night doesn't kill this show.

Hoping for an X-Files Miracle.
@11th Hour - Sorry for my misunderstanding, but it just sounded like you thought this "cross-promotion" was official, rather than being fan-made. I know nothing about the episode which suggests any relation to Joss's show besides the title and I just didn't want people to get the wrong impression.

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