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"Ha ha HA! Mine is an evil die!"
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December 20 2003

Photos of Juliet Landau's appearance on Strong Medicine. The photos are thumbnail and you are ask to join to see them bigger.

I went ahead and joined for the month - since part goes to charity - so I will post the bigger pictures somewhere later on if anyone want to see them. It's kinda strange to see her in jeans and a sweater after watching her as Dru.

That? Was just weird.
I just kept expecting to see a picture of her vamping out and biting the kid!
Do it again! Do it again!!
Would anyone find it remotely surprising thats she plays a character who is schizophrenic in this show.:)

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This reminds me of an a story that a friend of mine had heard about Juliet. The story is that she was working out at a gym in Los Angeles, when another woman walked in and recognized her, but ran *out of the gym* in absolute fright, screaming, "DRUSILLA!!!"

So I asked Juliet the last time I saw her if that story was true. Her answer? It was! :)
Really? Hah, that's too weird! My wife and I saw her appearance on Strong Medicine as well, by pure accident of zapping. We had to watch it. And of course she plays someone nuts-er, unstable. Does she get tired of that? She is pretty good at it.

And yeah, we were hoping as well as expecting her face to vamp out and for her to eat some doctors or something. Didn't happen. Bummer;-)
I got a chance to meet her at a convention in Nashville, they had a cocktail party and most of the guest attended and in real life she is a very nice and sweet person - you could want for someone to be so different from the character she portrays than she is. If you stand around her for any ammount of time and don't approach her, she'll approach you and introduce herself, like you would have no idea who she is if she didn't ... she definitely ranks up there as one of my favorites.

Did anyone listen to the Fool For Love commentary by the writer on the DVD? He remarked about how much Juliet threw in on her own, as far as movements that added to the performance, and the she believes Dru is not crazy but just that she has a logic that is different from everyone else.
Juliet seems really invested in Drusilla, which is nice to hear. She personally went to ME's props vault and fished out Miss Edith when Dru made appearances in AtS s2/Crush. She's also responsible for Dru's little whine. Dru herself was written personally by Joss for Juliet, so that probably helps in giving Juliet freedom in the role.

Once I passed by the SciFi channel where Juliet was in some zombie space movie. And guess what? She played a crazy person! Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne) was also in it as some sadistic doctor. Typcasting abounds. ;)
For a very creepy Juliet performance, go here.

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