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December 20 2010

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'': Where are they now? The New York Daily News looks at what the cast members of the movie and the tv show have been up to of late.

Can you spot the glorious typos on the list?

Jeez, seeing their pictures then and now really show me how well they've all aged! Didn't notice any typos, but maybe I'm just dumb. xP
Which one? Where they call Luke Perry's character "Spike" instead of "Pike," say Paul Reubens is "back on Pee-Wee Herman" (NICE one) or that Willow, the "goth-dork," had a fear of dogs?

They really need to fact-check a bit more - they say Amber "hasn't done much since." So...her books, movies, comics and music videos aren't anything?

And what about Danny Strong's "Recount!"? Sheesh. Tony's playing Uther on Merlin, Charisma was in Legend of the Seeker, Seth has Robot Chicken.

Oh, and it was "Doogie Howser fanfic," not a fan letter, that Willow wrote. My goodness.
Well that was...disappointing. They certainly got enough facts wrong/left out for me to not take it seriously.
Thank God i wasn't the only one to notice, jeez you can tell whomever wrote it hasn't watched it in a very long time, or barley watched it at all
I couldn't think abotu the Movie mistakes, so I just leapt to the TV series ones... i'm pretty sure there's a mistake or a major ommision on each freaking page, enough that I think I have to list all of them

I find it oddly funny that they say that Sarah hasn't been as "resiliant" since Buffy ended, odd considering that she's had about least 2-3 movies each year since Buffy ended, not to mention her Robot Chicken work.

I think by goth-dork, the person saw the Doppelgangland episode and just assumed that Vampire Willow was real Willow... either that or they saw How I Met Your Mother flashbacks and went from there. Still it's wrong, as is the dog fear (I don't even remember a dog being mentioned on the show, I understand it could be a typo but it's a big one) and the fan letter, does no one fact check?

I also find it funny that for Nick's page they say that "As far as we know he's still alive since he's mentioned on Angel a few times" which would've been good logic back in 2004 when Angel was our only Buffy source, but it's 2010 and he's still in the comics so basic research fail there. Also no mention of the Private Practice episodes that shocked everyone seems like an omission to me

Again weird choice with Tony, they talk about his 5 second moment in Sweeney Todd but not Merlin or Repo or even his horrifying Dr Who role, I'd of been happy if they mentioned any of those but not his tiny cameo in Sweeney Todd just seems like a ridiculous choice to me.

Again with Emma they say she fell off the map, only to come back this year with Life Unexpected but again a basic IMDB search shows she's had 8 movies, a tv series called Gigantic and a few Robot Chicken episodes... who researches this stuff?

Oh and look, Marc Blucas is claimed to have fallen off the acting radar until 2010, hilarious considering he has 20 movie credits since Buffy ended, he actually has more credits on his resume than Sarah does.

Same with Amber Benson who again has more credits on her resume than Sarah and Marc, at bare minimum one a year, as high as 6 in 2008. I'm not even going anywhere subtle to fact check, I'm IMDBing this.

Funny how they don't mention Tom Lenk's Broadway appearence in Rock Of ages, that'd be a big one to add I would think but I can't fault them for it, at least there wasn't any glaring mistakes.

While it's true Eliza had a 20 episode run on Buffy, they neglected to mention the 6 episodes she had on Angel which were important milestones for the character... I know nitpicking but still.

The biggest mistake though... they left Joss himself out. I know it's a Buffy where are they now but honestly without Joss there is no Buffy and he should've at least been mentioned since he is about to helm a huge superhero film

Only thing they got right were the pictues, those at least were really good and showed just how well all of the actors have aged
How dare they mention "southland tales"! Worst. Movie. Ever.
God 20 episodes, that's hard to believe. She was such an amazing character that it felt like she was in 50.
Wait...Echo was a "secret agent"?! That's it! They solved "Dollhouse"! Echo was really a secret agent the whole time.
They can't mention Joss since the only reason they are doing this is because Buffy is getting rebooted, sans Our Master.
Well that was terribly researched.
I'm afraid to open the link, because the mistakes will probably make me cringe painfully.

Which funnily reminds me of a line that I simply loved from last Sunday's Leverage finale for some reason (not a too spoilery line, don't worry):
"In the absence of truth, the press will report rumor".

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Coulda sworn Buffy had seven seasons instead of six. Did I dream about all those potentials?
So... good article then ? ;)

(going by the comments I won't be bothering)
Wishing that I'd read the comments first as I usually do. But no.....i dared to read this ridiculous piece of unresearched faff, soldiering on until Amber Benson. Why is it assumed that artists haven't "done much since" simply because they're not seen on tv? There's a whole other range of artistic mediums out there people!! I can't read any more of this badly researched rubbish.

[ edited by laceyj on 2010-12-22 13:39 ]
Shocking piece. So disrespectful.
Apparently if you aren't acting in TV or films, you're doing nothing. Writing and directing doesn't count. Good to know.
The funniest article of the year.
So, there's a site called IMDb...
Bad note for Amber Benson, who is really a bit of a polymath, and who has stayed busy creating movies, books, online comics, comics, and still acting and directing. All the author needed to do was log on here and read the entry just 2 notes below this one...
Since playing the role, Head's presence has been low-profile but constant

Tony Head? Low profile? Are they joking?! He's never off British TV! Leading roles in Man Child and Merlin, guest appearance on Dr Who, narration for Dr Who confidential, plus the lead in the film Repo, and then he does at least one West End play per year (though usually 2).

And why no mention of Danny Strongs career as a screenwriter?
They have tv in Britain? That isn't reruns of American shows?

Yeah this is awful. But kinda funny. A little.
Maclay, the human witch turned lesbian on-screen

Um, what?

I'm not sure whether I'm offended or just confused.
So, research would be cheating, would it? Too silly to take seriously, and more flaws than actual facts. Willow and dogs sticks out most. British TV doesn't exist, nor do other creative activities like theatre, writing or directing. I think Spike would have had a word for it - wa***r...
Apparently they didn't appreciate my response tweet on how horribly innacurate this article was. :p I mean, seriously, have they heard of Google? Or, heck, they coulda just been lazy and used Wikipedia, which manages to have more substantial anecdata about the cast than that.
I don't understand why they wrote this when they clearly have never seen the show.
Anyone else see they said, "during the show's six-year run". Come on, seriously?
I think Spike would have had a word for it - wa***r...

People are wankers, articles are just wank (i.e. Spike might say "That article was wank", never "That article was [a] wanker"). Let's not confuse non-Brits anymore than they already are re: the word's usage ;).
I'm completely discomfited by the movie poster being next to the photo of the BtVS cast. That's as far as I go as looking at the article.
The only thing I can think of with Willow and dogs is during season 2. When Angel kills Willow's fish she tells Buffy for once she is happy that her mother never let her get a puppy (because Angel would have killed it).
"and was alive and well beyond then, with his character popping up in the 'Angel' series."
Um, what? Yeah guys... we all remember that storyline Xander had on Angel right...?
Saje, I bow to your correction. Spike would have used that word about the writer, but we are not supposed to attack individual writers here, however clueless they are. And this one certainly seems to have been spectacularly lacking any clue about research, even as far as Google, Wikipedia or IMDB, let alone actually, like, knowing stuff.

Spike, BTW, would always attack the writer rather than merely criticise the article.
What a ridiculous article. Clearly the writer hasn't heard of Google.
Then why don't we organize one of our own, with actual, you know, facts and stuff?

I'm sure we can find really good pictures to use of the actors, maybe in character from whatever they're doing now, or have done recently, to make it a bit more relevant. And instead of things like saying David "has a role" on Bones we'd say "Is currently starring in Bones," since he is one of the stars, and executive producer, and has directed.

And we'd have more info on what Seth has been up to, and all of Amber's projects, and the fact that SMG & Aly are both mothers now and...and...and...
Technically, it was a 6-year run... just saying... 7 seasons but only 6 years total to broadcast it.
This article was pants.

; >

Well, I guess I would've thought it was if I'd read it. Which I didn't. Thanks to you'all.

You're not pants. You wankers.
Hmm. I don't like how the movie and the show are all swirly together.
You're not pants. You wankers.

Hey, I resent that ! I am too pants !

(and yep, the hive-mind filter worked well this time around - some here may not recognise pants when they see them but most of us know a load of old cobbler's when it's put in front of us ;)

Spike would have used that word about the writer, but we are not supposed to attack individual writers here, however clueless they are.

Heh, yeah, quite possibly, Spike's not the sort to mince words, one of the advantages of being a fictional character and not having to worry about those pesky manners, site rules or the finer points of civilized debate ;).

"Attacking" the article seems enough to me anyway, that's what we take issue with after all (the author may well be a lovely person for instance but just not a particularly thorough writer, best not to assume malice where incompetence will suffice).
I went ahead and looked ... good grief. In addition to all the complaints above they say that David is a 'regular' on Bones ... guess being the male lead is 'regular'.
They must have read people comments because the article has changed. The Willow entry sounds totally different than what everyone hear described. Instead it now says that Willow wrote Doogie Howser "A fanfic". And Pike is now Pike.
On the more positive side, it is an excellent group of pictures. Damn fine looking bunch of people. I especially like Amber's short haircut. Cute!
Is it possible they screwed up to get the attention of the Whedon fans? Just a thought.
@Jelly "They must have read people comments because the article has changed. The Willow entry sounds totally different than what everyone hear described. Instead it now says that Willow wrote Doogie Howser "A fanfic". And Pike is now Pike."

They read them and there's still stuff ups... at least they tried though

They claim Luke Perry has worked "Sporadically" in the 2000's, funny when he's had at least one movie every single year, not to mention a recent TV series called (I'm not kidding) FCU: Fact Checkers Unit... oh delicious irony

Same with Rutger Hauer, claimed to have been low profile since 2005 but has again had several movies since then, and by several I mean several movies every year

I love the line "She wrote Doogie Howser A Fanfic" in Alysons page, that's just proof that proof reading and fact checking isn't a strong suit at the NYDaily News... oh that's even sadder

Xander never popped up on Angel, he was mentioned in season one and possibly even mentioned by Andrew in season 5, but he never actually appeared (Although it would've been freaking hilarious if he had appeared but no joy)

On Tony's page they say he APPEARED in Merlin for 2 years, of course the series is still running so it should be APPEARS in Merlin, currently in it's third year.

I didn't know STAR translated into Regular but apparently that's what's happened to David.

You know I just realized that the photo of Danny Strong was taken at the writers Guild Awards, and yet no mention of his writing... weird.

Other than that they actually fixed a lot of major problems they had made... and yet no crediting us since we pointed it out, darn.
Since when is Dawn omnipotent?
Technically, it was a 6-year run... just saying... 7 seasons but only 6 years total to broadcast it.
97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03... I count that to 7 years alright...
1. March 97-May 98 (s1 and 2)
2. Autumn 98-May 99 (s3)
3. Autumn 99-May 2000 (S4)
4. Autumn 2000-May 2001 (S5)
5. Autumn 2001-May 2002 (S6)
6. Autumn 2002-May 2003 (S7)

So it depends how you look at it really (and it depends whether the article actually said 6 years or 6 seasons - one claim is just wrong, one's at least debatable - it was broadcast in seven different years for instance but only took just over 6 "TV years" to do it*). Given the number of mistakes in general though, it's kind of beside the point IMO.

* ETA: In the same sense that 'Dollhouse' ran for one year but in two years (and for two seasons).

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Wait, is watching Buffy illegal now? Because I'm pretty sure I've just spotted undercover narc guy.

Word to the wise, if someone starts talking to you about the episode with the leprechauns, just run.
What? No mention of ASH in "Little Britain?" Heh.
And if that's a photo of Nicholas Brendon in front of a publicity BG for Kitchen Confidential, it's nothing to do with "now." Five years ago, maybe.
Wow, that's a really bad write-up. No mention of Danny Strong's writing career (which is surely at least as noteworthy as his brief stint on Mad Men; David Boreanaz listed as "a regular" on Bones, rather than as one of the leads and a producer (which is rather a different thing). You'd think a "where are they now" article would make the effort to get details of people's post-Buffy careers right--or at least list their major IMDB credits--even if they can't be bothered to research the details of their Buffy characters. Tara was a "witch turned lesbian"? Dawn was "omnipotent"? Good grief.

Though on a positive note ... hadn't seen Amber Benson with the pixie cut before. She looks fabulous.
What about Giles as the "Merrick of the TV series?" *growl*
Buffy didn't make doe eyes at the vamps? That's a big lol.

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