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December 21 2010

The 'Hero of Canton' flashmob! As organised by Geek Girl Con.

These actually happen? I only know about flash mobs cause of Modern Family.
The CA Browncoats have had a Janye Hat Flash Mob at San Diego Comic-con for several years.
This was a flashmob that I wish I had been a part of but alas, wrong coast! It was organized by Geek Girl Con , which is organized completely by fans (many of the organizers are in this video) so you should check them out and maybe even give them monies. :)
Very nice. But this one also makes me sad because I am sure 99% of the people walking by had no idea what they were listening to, and probably discounted it. If it's for the fans' sake, then it's cool. But I fear it won't draw anyone else to the 'Verse.

Nevertheless, I loved it!! Cheers, ladies (and gentlemen? I think I only saw the ladies)
There were a few gentlemen there, but I think mostly they were documenting. And it was super fun! We had some people stop and tell us how cool we were. :)
I wasn't particularly impressed by the singing*, but I was by the amount of people with Jayne's Hat. I'm now off to purchase one myself. :)

*I think it might have just been the poor-ish audio, though. Things like these are always excellent to attend.
Jayne's specific colour scheme is fairly unusual but (for whatever reason, maybe even partly 'Firefly' inspired) that style of hat is all over the place at the moment, TK Maxx has them, Asda has them etc.

Looks like they had fun which is the idea (adding to the fandom's a bonus but it's not really the point of flash-mobs - the original ones weren't trying to swell the ranks of pillow/water-fight fans for instance ;), for a split second I thought it was in the market square in Nottingham (i.e. close to me) but nope, just looks slightly similar.

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