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December 22 2010

(SPOILER) Preview page for Dollhouse: Epitaphs. It's from the opening chapter. So if you've read the mini-comic that came with the Season 2 DVD then you will have seen it before.

This looks nice and post-apocalyptic scary. I've lost track of the Dollhouse comic news-- the mini comic that came with the DVD is the opening part of the new issue? Or just some of it is?
I think the mini-comic is the opening part of the one-shot. Which will then lead into the mini-series.
I guess I'll be getting the new cover, and not the one already on the mini. :nods: Cannot wait!
Can't wait for this, got the dvds and comic for Christmas from the brother so hopefully it'll all make sense continuity wise soon enough...
Do we know if Cliff Richards is doing the rest of the interiors? As in the mini series?
Does the one-shot have new material in it? Or is it just an enlarged copy of the DVD comic with a new cover?
Well, if the book is supposed to run some 40 pages, then yeah, there'll be new pages, since the teeny book in the DVD case was considerably shorter than 40 pages.
"40 pages" is Dark Horse standard - they usually only run 22 pages of original content. I seem to recall the DVD comic running about 21 of them - so it could conceivably be more, but equally conceivably not.

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