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December 22 2010

Enver Gjokaj and Harry Lennix on tonight's Undercovers. Although not listed in IMDB both appear in the episode Funny Money airing now 8pm EST.

Good lookin' out -- on the "Dollhouse" alumni *and* on reporting that "Undercovers" was even on tonight!
Imma watch this! Thanks for the heads-up. XD
Edited to add punctuation and Enver's last name.
Yeah, I just started watching it on my DVR, and when Lennix opens the door, I thought to myself, "Woah, Boyd! I need to tell Whedonesque about this!" That's so cool that Enver's also on this episode! Shame this show is already canceled; it's a really fun show. (O/T: On the other hand, tonight's episode of Human Target was its worst ever.)
Thanks for the edit, z
Thanks for posting or I would have missed this completely. Since I'm on the West Coast, I've got time :)
Okay, one of the brothers must've been adopted, because they really don't look anything alike ('cept for the obvious skin tone... and even that isn't very similar).

[ edited by SpendTheNightAlone on 2010-12-23 05:06 ]
Missing from this entry is the episode was written by DOLLHOUSE's Tracy Bellomo.
Enver with accent. Even better.
Poor Tracy... one canceled show to another. She'll continue to find good work after this though, she's talented.
What the Hell do you want?!

Great opening line for Harry's character. Ohhhhh, I've missed you so much on my TV screen. Enver too of course (speaking Russian once again).
Went into awwww mode seeing Never and Harry sharing a scene together again. Even better that Tracy wrote the episode.
(O/T: On the other hand, tonight's episode of Human Target was its worst ever.)

True dat. What's happened to it this season, has there been a change in the creative team ? It's like everything that made it fun's been sucked out of it and season one's amazing, inventive action sequences swapped for dull, generic shadows of their former glory. Everyone's blaming the addition of Ames and Pucci but (even though they spread the focus) it's not just them IMO, the writing seems to have lost something too (i.e. there're ways those characters could work).

At least 'Undercovers' was never really much good (IMO), s'always sadder to see a good show fall away.

Good to see Enver and Harry Lennix back onscreen though and better still, with scenes together (sometimes you see verse actors reunite on a show but you know it wasn't a reunion for them because they won't even have met).
@Saje: Yes, the original showrunners were replaced by one of the former showrunners of "Chuck," and frankly, I think it shows.

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