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December 22 2010

"The Avengers" to shoot in New Mexico, New York, and Michigan. Pre-production underway. Majority of film to be shot in New Mexico starting in April 2011.

Aw, just missed posting this news. I at least included a period in my title. ;)

I'll have to keep an eye out for shooting locations here in Michigan. Do I have a Joss sighting in my future? Well, probably not, but I'll try.
Summer in New Mexico can get very hot. I hope morale can stay high - I like to think that happy casts and crews make more enjoyable products.

I also hope that Thor and Captain America are well received, so lots of people will be motivated to check out The Avengers.
I live near where they are going to shoot in NY. I am so camping out the whole time they are here!

I live near where they are going to shoot in NY.

Have you heard where they'll be shooting? The only NY location I heard about was the Grumman Studios in Bethpage - but they'll be using the Albuquerque Studios instead. Guessing NY would be for shots they don't feel would look authentic in studio?
I also live in Michigan. I've got my fingers crossed to check out the filming at least a little bit. YAY!!!!
...Huh, does that in any way give out what this movie might be about (in terms of necessary settings) or is it that arcane arithmancy that each of these states has amazing tax cuts for the films so they're just going to go ahead and do whatever is cheapest? New Mexico standing in for New York, New York itself shall become Asgard and Michigan will stand in for Wakanda or some place since it'd be cheaper to buy a ton of tropical plants than shoot on location?
I bet NY will be the money shots, Detroit will be the destruction shots, and New Mexico will be everything else.

Edited because I don't know the difference between Arizona and New Mexico.

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I seem to remember Fury going on about the southwest in Iron Man 2. Also there was an epic Skrull/Ultimates battle in that region during Millar's run on the title.
The 'Iron Man 2' post credits coda develops the New Mexico angle slightly more (when ).

I feel bad that LA isn't standing in for New York though, as reported a few weeks back. Haz ma internets lied ?

(also, filming in New Mexico from April to September i.e. over the summer months ? Ooh, ooh, bagsy being the guy in the heavy metal/plastic armour suit ! Hope RDJ stays hydrated ;)
The Ruins of Detroit. Would be amazing if they could shoot at these sites. On that subject, has Joss picked a cinematographer?
Joss will be in Michigan?!?!? :D
Sigh. If only I had a car to get down to Detroit. Still, extremely awesome that something so high-profile is going to be filmed in my home state. Lord knows we could use the money. ;)
New Mexico was also the "birthplace" of the Hulk in the comics (though I don't recall if we know for certain where Banner first became the Hulk in the Marvel movieverse?); and was the Hulk's main setting for much of his history - including, I believe, in Avengers #1, when the other heroes were lured into finding and fighting him. So the state being a location in the movies may be a nod to the history (as well as, it seems, a financial advantage).

Add me to the list of people curious if filming will be anywhere near me, on the New York state side of the tally...

I saw the Thor trailer on Saturday, and it looked pretty damned exciting! Add in just Iron Man's theatrical popularity alone... At long last, we should actually have a broad audience set up to catch a Joss Whedon work - !! 'Bout time!
Wow. Only months to the start of shooting. This is really happening. Just... wow.
Pointy, The Cinematographer for the Avengers is Seamus McGarvey. His work is excellent and he is versatile, I think he'll do great!

The Iron Man 2 references to the southwest are explained by Saje above, but that doesn't mean The Avengers won't shoot southwest exteriors as well. If the bulk of shooting is in NM as the article says, it's gonna be mainly for the studio stuff (the bulk of every film) Michigan and NY will indeed most likely be for exteriors (and maybe NM too). Expect them to be in Michigan and NY first, as location shooting is generally done before studio shooting.
Thank you, bobw10, for the Seamus McGarvey intel!
They've been doing lots of movies in Grand Rapids, MI lately. *hopehopehopehope* I can get there by bus :D

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