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December 23 2010

Help Emma Caulfield create Bandwagon Season 2. She's looking for pledges to fund the next season. The original documentary (which features some very familar faces) can be found on YouTube.

I just watched the final part of the first season a few hours ago. Just great. I love her style of storytelling and humor.
I really start hating youtube... cannot watch part 10 thanks to music by Universal.
@roadi, Episode 10 working just fine for me.

I hadn't heard of this series until I saw this post. I just watched all ten episodes... it was so good! I hope they get enough funding to do season 2!
@Jesse, not in my country, because of content by UMG.
And they've reached their goal already. Cool.
Really? Excellent.
I only discovered it from this post aswell, I've watched the first few episodes and it's hilarious. So is Tom Lenk the only other Buffy alum to be on it.
I just watched the first season. Very subtle humor, kind of sublime really.

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