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December 23 2010

Christina Hendricks would love to play Wonder Woman. And I, for one, would love to see her do it.

They would make so much money if they just put her in the costume and had her prance around in front of the camera for two hours. I wouldn't even need a plot. Don't add a Steve Trevor he'd just block the view.
Does 'Mad Men' do Halloween episodes ? Cos it'd be a natural way to test the waters. Just sayin'.
She'd have to bulk up on the arms a bit and she would have to go brunette (or wear a darned good wig) because I never want to see another repeat of the type of mistake they made with that Cathy Lee Crosby abomination from the 70's.

And I don't want this to sound wrong, as I find Miss Hendricks quite fetching (what with her well Double-D-fined figure and all), but doesn't she seem TOO busty for the role?

Can you imagine seeing her run in that Wonder Woman bustier costume? Can you imagine the trouble they'll have getting her buxomness to stay in that costume?

Erm ... you probably can. That's why you're hoping she gets offered the role, isn't it?
Can, have, am, will ;).

(in all seriousness, physically she's not really right for it, even aside from the issue(s) you raise. As well as the red hair she's very pale complected for instance whereas WW is surely darker, fair enough you could use make-up, get her a tan etc. And at least she's 5' 7" so not as tiny as some of the women that people have suggested)

ETA: Just noticed BTW, the title has a typo in Ms Hendricks' name (Chrsitina rather than Christina).

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Love her dearly, but she's not Wonder Woman.

Maybe Charisma, but I think they'd need a younger woman.

Wonder Woman, IMO, needs to be slightly intimidating. Tall, at least 6' or more. Dark hair, Greek features, athletic-looking. Think goddess, more than human.
I think her cover photo for New York Magazine in May showed that she can pull off the wonder woman outfit quite well. Just imagine it in red, blue, and gold instead of white.

They can also fix the height thing if they feel the need. They don't even have to use CGI.

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My first thought was, "Well, she'd need a tan..."

Heh. Anyway, hasn't she said red isn't her natural hair color?

All those things being said, I think she'd do a helluva job, but that might just be cause I wanna see her in more things. And fewer things... um, yeah... you know what I mean... ;)
I'm glad C. A. Bridges said it so I didn't have to. She's no more right for the part than Miracle Laurie, the other Whedon actor people push for the part.
She's way too Anglo, sorry. The Amazons are, "historically", from Asia Minor. In the Wonder Woman mythos, they worship the Greek Gods. Wonder Woman shouldn't even really be white (the Asia Minor thing), but if they have to go white they need to at least go Mediterranean.

Just my opinion, but I could never buy a spray-tanned, dye-jobbed (or bewigged!) Princess of the Amazons.

Less importantly, while Hendricks has beautiful curves and is an absolutely lovely, shapely woman ... she simply lacks the imposing physicality needed for Wonder Woman. She's too short, has to much bust and not enough arm, she's just not not the right type. I also don't think dyed, very dark hair (or worse, the dreaded wig) and a spray-tan would be very fetching on her.

And Hendricks' (very beautiful) cover for New York Magazine demonstrates exactly why she's not a good choice. We all know she can fill out a busier, or burst out of one. The question is, can she run, jump, fight and possibly spend hours in harnesses in order to film flight sequences in one. I think that cover answers that question pretty finally.

Laurie, actually, would be far better suited for the part. In fact, I'd say she'd be the best out of the "known Whedon stable" (except for my long-shot Dream Wonder Woman, Gina Torres) although I don't think she'd be a great choice. At least she has a somewhat darker cast to her features, and I think her body type would be better suited to loading on some muscle; and, she's a little taller, if still not nearly tall enough.
She's cool and all, but I think it would be better to use an unknown actress who fit the role better.
@Ravenwing263 I think Gina would be perfect. That said, I've noticed a few actresses throw that line out there ("I'd love to be Wonder Woman") and to be honest I don't take it any more seriously than I take Olivia Munn's "geek cred". It's just something they say to be like "hey, i think you're interests are cool" to the geek crowd. Unless you're Megan Fox of course, who doesn't even care, LOL.
Since WW was created from a statue, I thought it would be more interesting if she was very different from the other Amazons. It would make her more of an outsider to be physically different (and a bit more innocent) in her society, on top of being the queen's favorite and her daughter.
The screen Wonder Woman does not have to be an exact physical match to the comic book WW to be convincing to me. She needs to be agile and athletic. A wiry woman of medium height who has complete physical self confidence, warrior attitude and a complete lack of deference to men will be a formidable fighter.

The physique can be acquired to a degree by working out; the attitude is much harder to fake.

OTOH, the Amazons of Greek legend were horsewomen and archers. A very large bosom can get in the way of the bowstring.

Any chance of casting an actress who has had military service in recent years?
I find it troubling that most of these comments think that busty = not fit/not strong.

Come to think of it, I'm beginning to think I should just not click on threads that even mention Christina Hendricks, as they tend to make me stabby.
"Tall... Dark hair, Greek features, athletic-looking. Think goddess, more than human."

I miss Lucy Lawless too, C. A. Bridges :)
While lovely Christina has the acting chops, she doesn't have the necessary physical skills to pull it off. A big reason why Jennifer Garner worked so well in Alias, for example, was because of the way she moved. She moved like she could handle herself in a fight. It was believable. Christina Hendricks (like SMG) could never be a convincing hand-to-hand combatant.

Of all the young (under 30) actresses working today, probably the one that could physically sell the athleticism of WW best (and do a decent job of acting the role) would probably be Missy Peregrym.
@OneTeV - while I agree that it might be interesting for Diana to look very different from the other Amazons, I think having the best and brightest representative of a race of darker-skinned women also be their only very light-skinned woman would be a major case of Unfortunate Implications.

@ShanshuBugaboo - I don't think anyone is saying that being busty means not being fit or strong. I think, instead, people are suggesting that Wonder Woman is drawn with the body type she's drawn with because it makes the most sense on account of both out-of-universe and in-universe aspects of the character. To read any dismissal of Christina Hendriks' beauty, personal strength, or ability to play strong roles would, I think, be a misrepresentation of people's thoughts here.

I'd love to see Hendricks play Power Girl, for instance. (Except in my head she's named "Power Woman.") I think Hendricks could very successfully play a Super-Hero, but I don't think she could successfully play Wonder Woman.
"(SMG) could never be a convincing hand-to-hand combatant."

And yet, I seem to remember seeing her in some fairly successful show where she was constantly shown fighting monsters and demons in hand to hand (or claw) combat.

If only I could remember what it was called...
My pick? Navi Rawat. Crazy slayer Dana.
"OTOH, the Amazons of Greek legend were horsewomen and archers. A very large bosom can get in the way of the bowstring."

Which is why the Amazons of Greek legend got off one breast. I have a feeling that wouldn't go over so well with the movie-going public.

Put me down as another vote for Gina Torres. She showed in "Firefly" that she could made for one awesome warrior woman. She showed in "Angel" that she could play a goddess. I didn't know that the current version of WW had her coming to life from a statue. When I was reading it these many years ago, she was Hippolyta's natural daughter. Given the geography, it wouldn't be at all strange for her to have had an African father.

And btw, does all this talk about casting mean that there is some imminent likelihood of a Wonder Woman movie?
I didn't realize she was ever considered the natural daughter. The earliest origin I ever read was she was formed from clay.
And btw, does all this talk about casting mean that there is some imminent likelihood of a Wonder Woman movie?

No. There's a TV series happening.
Of the Whedonpeople, I could live with Gina Torres but I'd pick Morena Baccarin. She could handle the nobility and has the exotic looks, but she's still too short for this.

Tricia Helfer in a black wig would be closer, I think.

Honestly, I'd rather see an unknown cast in the part. Find someone as ideally suited as Tom Welling was for Clark Kent (I don't hold Smallville's weaknesses against him).
I always thought Morena would be the perfect Wonder Woman.
Well, I'm unknown. I'm also too short (5'5") and too small (Let's just say I wouldn't have to lop off body parts) and too pale. But I've got naturally dark brown hair & eyes. And I know how to shoot a bow, and ride a horse. (Though I've never had the opportunity to fire from horseback.)

And while we're on the subject of breasts (Did I really just say that?), here's a bit of interesting info I found with a quick Google:

Everyone knows the story of how the Amazons cut off their right breasts so they wouldn't interfere with the use of the bow. Trouble is, the story is a crock--an old crock, but a crock nonetheless. This element of the Amazon myth was invented in the 5th century B.C. The poor Amazons had to start mutilating themselves because some big boob thoughtlessly dabbled in the dark art of etymology without the proper equipment. Hellanicus of Lesbos imagined the name was derived from the Greek prefix a- ("without") and mazos, a variant of mastos ("breast"). He was surely wrong, but his folk etymology is still firmly embedded in the collective consciousness after more than two dozen centuries. There was no hint before his time, either in writing or art, that the Amazons had anything other than usual complement of breasts, so we can safely assume that the one-breasted image we have of them flowed from the (false) etymology and not vice versa.

Check it out here:

Because, really, that's just a bit extreme. If removing a breast makes it easier to draw a bow, then all female archers would be one-breasted. And besides, you don't pull at breast height - the hand that draws the string should be at your jaw:

Push out with the bow arm to set the hand position into the bow grip, then raise the bow arm and drawing arm together, up to the position shown in the picture on the left.
Keep the front shoulder in its normal low position.
(The shoulder must not be allowed to rotate up or back as this shortens the draw length.)
Keep the elbow of the drawing arm high, as this will help bring into action the back muscles needed to draw the bow to full draw.

From the Pre-Draw position, use the back muscles to pull the elbow of the drawing arm backwards in one smooth motion until the drawing hand is placed against the jaw.
The position of the head and body should not move.
(Pull the bowstring to the face, not move the face to meet the bowstring.)
An equal amount of push on the bow hand and pull on the drawing hand will keep the body balanced.
I must admit, when I think WW, I think Lucy Lawless first.

But I can also see Noa Tishby in the role.
@Ravenwing263: I was actually thinking of height. I had not thought of the skin color situation.

I remember a college swim race for the 200 Butterfly. Most of them were the prototypical flyers: long limbs, big shoulders. One guy on our team was quite a bit shorter (at least half a foot) and skinny. What he lacked in brute force, he made up in technique and endurance. (In the case of WW, she would be magically stronger, so height would not matter.)
Not saying someone has to be tall to have presence, or strength, or dignity. But casting for Wonder Woman, I think you need that attribute. Same reason you wouldn't cast a 5'9" Superman. She needs to be larger than life.
Yep, she's basically (more or less) Superman's physical equal so she's not "tall for a woman" or "short and wiry but with attitude", she's just plain old tall and physically imposing. You can "fix" that with camera angles, apple crates, shorter co-stars etc. but if you can get someone who can act and has the right physique then why wouldn't you ?

Post-Crisis she's formed from clay and her powers are gifts from the Greek gods (in some previous versions she was "just" a supreme warrior/athlete with semi-mystical "Amazon powers") so think more Hercules than Xena-on-steroids (i'm ignoring the hints in Xena that she might actually be half-god). No-one ever said of Hercules "Little guy but man, could he take a punch !" or "He wasn't much to look at but Jesus, fierce !", Wonder Woman's no different

I'd love to see Hendricks play Power Girl, for instance. (Except in my head she's named "Power Woman.")

"Power Person" ? ;) Needless to say Ms Hendricks has the physique but (aside from the base, straight guy appeal of seeing her in the costume - hey, i'm only human ;) I could live without Power Girl making it to screen personally, as a comics fan I find her a bit embarrassing to be honest.

(in my head she's "the one that personifies a lot of what's wrong with women in superhero comics". Not concise maybe, accurate though)

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