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December 23 2010

Jed and Maurissa Whedon wish everyone happy holidays. Maurissa: "Happy Holidays yo! With love from me and @jedwhedon." Jed: "Happy Holidays to everyone. Especially you. You were always my favorite."

This is so sweet, especially for people like me who are essentially alone during this holiday season. You guys are awesome!
They're quite a pair, aren't they? And a merry happy to them too.
This is great. Someone tweeted about a Gingerbread Serenity earlier as well. Happy holidays, all.
Gotta love them. Happy holidays to them both! And everyone else out here in the black :)
They are truly adorable. Tis still only the 23rd where I am but happy holidays to all my fellow Whedonites!
Very cool, the "medley" made me laugh ;), right back atcha Jed and Maurissa.

And to everyone on the black, be ye brown, blue, orange or purple, have a very merry Christmas if you're of that persuasion, otherwise happy holidays. Without you guys this place is just another list of stuff that happened ;).
Merry Xmas all! I'm sitting on some cool Whedonverse casting news, it will be my xmasy news pressy soon.
It's impossible to not love the Whedons. I can't stop giving them my money I love them so much.
Aww, good for them. Merry Christmas Whedonites from everyone in Australia! an hour and a half till christmas. God I live in Queensland (The Sunshine state) it's raining, pfft, maybe that's why it doesn't feel like Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone! gossi you're terrible teasing us:0)
These two are just too adorable and talented :_)

gossi, that's cruel. Now I'll have to try and find time to pop on here, in the middle of family sytff, so I wont miss out. Or exercixe patience (not likely) :)

Happy Holidays to all, which ever ones you celebrate (or don't). And for those who celebrate Christmas, Mele Kalilamaka from Hawaii.
Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to everyone here. Have a great day. Time for me to wrap presents and listen to the Potential Cast review Innocence!

Is gossi's casting news the Ant-Man rumour on the front page?
No, I'm THE Jack Frost.

I have all the noses.

[ edited by buffywrestling on 2010-12-24 15:58 ]
Happy Holidays to everyone. Especially you Whedonesquers. You are always my favorites.

(And who put the bit of coal in gossi's stocking to tease us so mercilessly?)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Peace and goodwill towards Ben.
Happy holidays (I plan to celebrate them all, to get more time off ;) ) to all Whedonesquers, and to all a good...oh hey, it's 10:30 am, I better get in the shower so I can visit my parents.
The story I was referring to has been removed (fair enough - it was just a rumour and not necessarily at all reliable), but the casting rumour was as Ant-Man.
Merry Christmas to everyone here!
I waited to watch this so I could properly, and it was definitely worth it - absolutely adorable. <3
Seriously, the sweetest ever.

Not to be all boringly-repeaty - and yet I am - but they remind me so much of Mr. QG and myself - albeit with much purer and sweeter voices.

Except that we tend to go straight to the lounge-act cheesy stuff and bypass the adorable sweetness-part. (And always with a big cheesy finish.)

I just played this for A and he said, "How could you not be in love with the both of them?"

And I quite agree. Merry Christmas to JeMo and may all their California Christmases be as white as can possibly be expected.
Quotergal: I'm with A on that one. :)
Aw, they're the best. Happy holidays all! ♥
They're so cute and great! Happy Holidays everyone.
Aww, that's adorable! Merry Christmas everyone!
Merry Happy Joyful, now, to each and every, all!
Happy Merry Wotever to y'all, depending, and JeMo in particular and especially.
A very Merry Xmas Whedonesquers, from all of us at Buffyfest! May Sandy Claws bring you lots of fun :)

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