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December 23 2010

The Big Bang Theory's geekiest guest stars. Eliza Dushku and Summer Glau are listed.

Sad that they are 9 and 10, but a fun list. Wil Wheaton for number one! I feel like his "character" on Big Bang is an exact replica of his character from The Guild (minus the kilt).
Which are both pretty close to his character on "Leverage". I reckon the list is about right actually, neither verse actor was well served by her role and Wil Wheaton is not only a bona fide geek but also has one of the better guest star roles.

When he imagines both Katee and Sackhoff sharing his bed, Wolowitz starts feeling confused...

You and me both Howard. Though i'd imagine he'd roll with it - double-bubble ! ;)

And I didn't know Mayim Bialik is a neuroscientist in real life, very cool.
This show has been on fire lately. Sheldon might have been at his funniest in this past New Years episode.

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