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December 24 2010

Joss is on an unexpected but nice top 10 list. Joss is named as author of one of the top books that one of the 2 authors of Love YA Lit wishes to get this Christmas, for "Angel: After the Fall."

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Ah. I read that as Joss making a top 10 list - not that he was on one. I'd like to read his top 10 list.
joss is all about making lists.
I read it that way too. The phrasing is unintentionally misleading.
"joss is all about making lists." ~ gossi

... and checking them twice? ;^)
I too thought it was a Joss list for a second. Ah well.
Haha, I read it as 'Joss Makes A Top 10 List' as well.
Edited the headline for clarity.
LOL- thanks for that, Sunfire. I know what I meant to say, but only in my own mind...

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, all!
Credit where credit is due, the accolade should really go to Mr Lynch as well.
Yeah, kinda bummed that Lynch didn't make the list when he... you know, wrote the thing. But because YA is my field and "After the Fall" is my favorite comic, this list gives me a happy.

Also, I'm happy that it's not on the same top five list as the Bieber book. That half of the list made me slightly dubious.
I thought Lynch wrote After the Fall. Just because Joss' name is on it -for canon purposes- doesn't make it his book.
It does strike me as an...interesting?...list, as we have 1 contributor possibly making snark about Justin Bieber and what magnificent fonts of juicy she could be missing without reading the book mentioned (though I grasp he/she is a librarian, so literary snark from one of the Chosen Ones is cool ;D) AND the other contributor have given an incorrect statement of ownership re: Angel: After the Fall to Joss instead of Brian Lynch. Hmm....

Still, I have to give points for the emphasis on stuff to READ that's top quality. Usually, the associated lists are for TV or movie projects ;)
List was edited to include Brian ;p and also a nod to Fray.

[ edited by Mirage on 2010-12-25 16:32 ]
lt was interesting to see Joss make it on another list esp on the subject of Angel. l find myself looking at all the episodes. Anyway Happy holidays to all of you.
Sosa- It wasn't for canon purposes. It was because Joss co-plotted it with Lynch.

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